After we exited the white room, the door slammed behind us and I realized we'd entered and entirely bright pink room. Other than its pink color, it was similar to the white room except for the fact that it had no bed. I looked around and when I didn't see another door, I announced to Doc. Frank,

"There's no way out."

Again he laughed at me as he pointed to the door behind me and gave a chuckling remark.

"You have a major disability of not being able to notice doors in plain sight."

"But that's the door we just came in through." I reminded him. He just shrugged.

"Open it."

I realized that it couldn't hurt to at least try it, considering the fact we were stuck there anyways. When I did, we entered a green room, and again, the only door was the one in which we had just entered. When I opened it again, there was a pastel yellow room on the other side of the door.

This just kept going on and on for what seemed like eternity. We went through rooms of nearly every color imaginable: navy blue, deep sea green, pastel purple, black, red-orange, violet, bright green, lavender, maroon, dark purple, teal, brown, sea green, sky blue, and the list just went on and on. By the time we'd reached the red room, I was so exhausted and frustrated. So rather than re-opening the door, I just sank to the floor.

"This just goes on and on forever!" I cried as I angrily and impatiently turned to face Doc. Frank. (who now no longer scared me, but just really irritated me) Then I realized that he wasn't there. I opened the door again and discovered it to be the white room again, with the bed in the center. I could feel my face growing hot and red in madness and I could feel Doc. Frank's mocking laughter within the walls.

"You fool!" He seemed to whisper to me,

"You fool." He roared with laughter. I kicked the wall in a rampage and hollered,

"This is so stupid! He's just been leading me in circles!"

Suddenly, all the energy I'd used up throwing my tantrum began to sink in and I felt incredibly tired. The bed in the center of the room, which at first had been so horribly painful to lie on, now looked very comfortable and relaxing. I climbed up onto it and decided to take just a tiny nap while I waited for Doc. Frank to return from wherever it was that he'd gone to. That is, if he hadn't just decided to leave me there forever.

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