The Regulators

CE Fleming

The chime of bike bells ring in the air

The paperboy tosses, preparing for the game

Baseball is his glory, its all for the fame

Until she walks out that door

That vixen, that dame

While he wishes to ride her good

A red van pulls down the street

The driver inside with evil plans

To kill, to regulate, it is in his hands

Rolling down the window, preparing for the end

The paperboy stops, admiring the girl

Unaware of the danger he faces

People walk out of their hidden places

To get the papers dropped moments before

That is when the shot rings out, the shot heard 'round the world

One Shot, hits the paperboy

Sending him falling to the ground

The people drop, looking cautiously around

Fear mixed with sweat keeps them from screaming

But not before they see the gleaming gun in the window

It takes aim for the dog, rushing for the fallen paper

Second Shot, hits the dog

It drops as well, liquid blood pouring

As the Regulator starts his scoring

The brother and sister at the store,

Stop their bickering, two by four

The gun takes aim for the little boy brat

And fires again, rat, tat, tat.

The colored hair dame that stood at the store

Jumped in the way, to protect that baby boy

Her arm takes the pain, the bullet, and the blood

And the Regulator speeds off

Scattering dust and gravel in his wake

The people look full of fear, and shake

The van is gone, but is soon replaced

By a black one this time, with malice and distaste

The people outside are licking their wounds

As the van stops, and waits for a while

And just when they start to notice this van

Another shots sounds out, killing a man

The man falls, and so does his head

The people soon realize this man is dead

Down the street comes another car

In this one is a woman, naughty by far

Cheating was she, with a lawyer man

Coming home quickly to fry up the pan

She saw the commotion, she saw the chaos

She stopped the car, to smash into the van

And sent it flying, with haste and bedlam

It crashed into the hydrant, the water started flying

The man inside took aim once more, and the woman was dying

Her shoulder, head and chest were torn

Letting her bad blood spill on the floor

She staggered for moments, then fell like the rest

For she had been judged, execution the test

She passed it so, and dies too, leaving the world behind

The black van drove off in a fury, before a man could stop it

The people left alive all huddled around

To think of a plan, before the Regulators returned

The man with the cheating wife screamed

As he saw the blood that belonged to her gleam

Rain started to pour, hard like nails

Far off in the distance, another van hailed

The people saw the pink van with hearts

And screamed and ran to shelter their parts.

The van pulled in, and started to shoot

The neighborhood witch was hit by this shot

Her arm was hanging, using it she was not

The van with hearts didn't stop there

It fired more shots into the wet air

They missed and hit objects, without spirit

The van disappeared again with haste

The Regulators are ruthless, with malice and haste

And often come 'round to punish the wicked

They are the judge, jury, and executioner

To kill and to regulate is their priority

So when another tornado comes 'round

You better not stand, get your butt off the ground

And hide if you're bad, duck if you're good

They kill for pleasure, they kill for fun

So when you see that black van, you better run!