This story will contain items of the slash/yaoi variety! Yay! It also has a few het. couples. But no fem-slash or yuri. There are also mentions of rape in the later chapters.

The story takes place somewhere in Richmond, Virginia.
Here is a small background check on most of the characters in order of appearance/mention:

Quin Aiden~ 15 -Male- Pale blonde hair and emerald green eyes. He is the star of the high school basketball team, an average student and one of the most popular guys in the school, even though he tends to keep to himself.

Rupert McAden~ 15 -Male- Reddish sandy-blonde hair sea blue-green eyes. Great athlete; plays for the football team but never cared much for other sports. Has been Quin's rival since they were little, thanks to a small mishap.

Sheridan Carroon~ 15 -Female- Blonde hair and brown eyes. She is a cheerleader.

Cerise Aiden~ 15 -Female- Pale blonde hair and emerald green eyes. She is twin sister to Quin, extremely flirtatious, all around genius and prettiest girl in school. Aka Miss Perfect.

Alek and Zander Aiden~ 32 -Male- Father*s* to Cerise and Quin, who don't know the real truth behind their biological birth. Pale blonde hair and silver eyes, Black-brown hair and emerald green eyes, respectively.

Sam Morgan~ 14 -Female- Golden brown hair and pale blue eyes. Youngest of the group and Cerise's best female friend, somewhat of a tom-girl.

Liza Louis~ 15 -Male- Bleached blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. Quin's best friend who moved to Virginia in the 6th grade, has a secret crush on someone close to him.

Justin English~ 15 -Male- Bright red hair and hazel eyes. Another good athlete, plays football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse and soccer. Damn this boy has a busy schedule most of the time. Is starting to think he might be gay (woops, how'd that slip in?).

Ellen English~ 17 -Female- Red hair and hazel eyes. Justin's older sister.

Jamie McAden~ 18 -Male- Sandy-blonde hair and blue eyes. Rupert's older brother.

Josh Hall~ (turning)16 -Male- Black hair with blue streaks and dark brown eyes, but he wears purple contacts. He is Justin's cousin who moved to Virginia from California. All around bad boy, who has already set his sights on Quin, though he doesn't mind flirting with anything else that walks now and the- erm all the time.

Simon Sitiltson~ 16 -Male- Yellow-orange hair with yellow-green eyes. Another member of the football team. A good friend of Justin's.

Derrick Ricky~ 16 -Male- Blonde hair and light green eyes. His father is head of the school board, so he can get away with almost anything, until someone finds out his secret.

Catherine Bandit~ 15 -Female- Curly dark brown hair and green-brown eyes. A good friend of Sam's with a dark secret.

Lindsay Middleton~ 14 -Female- Orange-red hair and light brown eyes. All around klutz and a total blonde'. Best friends with Catherine.

Xavier Zuackie~ 16 -Male- Black hair and silver eyes. Newest character. For right now little is know about him except that he lived with his hardly sober mother all his life so far. What does he have to do with anything and why is he moving to Virginia in the first place??