Okay. right now I am in the middle of a complete mental and physical breakdown: my computer has been killed (and I surprisingly wasn't the one to do it.)! I'm am so upset- all the files, everything I've ever written has accordingly died with my computer (unless I am somehow able to transfer the memory from one computer to the next. of which I'm not even sure can possibly be done and if so I have no utter idea how to do so). Technically this is only being posted because I wanted to tell everyone who is still reading that I haven't given up but for now "Snowflakes" is being put on temporary hiatus.

I almost started crying when I found out that I lost "Pretty When You Smile"- which was the prequel to "Snowflakes", and which I had also previously been fervently editing- most of the other things I had written were recorded elsewhere on paper but this was one of the few things completely on my computer (May it R.I.P.)- since FF.net took it off due to it's small scene of not even all that graphic lime.. Argh. *goes to cry in the corner*.

As soon as I am able to get a new computer of my own ( the one I'm using now isn't mine) I will hopefully be back! I might even write a chapter or two if I get a chance. who knows.

Anyway I would like to thank everyone who ever read for sticking with me so far, and I promise I'll be back!! *small laugh*

Warui Warui Neko - 10 Feb. 2004