Is it strange to analyze life? The thing is, I'm actually asking that question. Is it odd to stop and say 'Hey, I'm not happy with this' or 'I think I should change this'? Is that strange? Seems to me that most, when asked "How's life?", tend to answer in one word phrases (good, bad, sucky, shit) or even groans. Sometimes special sign language is used. I have not had one person actually stop and think about aspects of their life, and give a detailed answer. Does it take that much brain power? To take control of our lives now, instead of later? The last part of my principle for life is '(Change Something)'. It's in ( ) because it, more than the other two (Assume Nothing and Question Everything), has to occur inside yourself. You must look at the aspects of your life, at the segways, climaxes, crapholes, and all those flanking them, and find that one spot where you're not happy. There may easily be more than one, in that case, PICK one. And fix it.

Easier said than done, right? Right. I'm still in the middle of one. I created that principle a year ago. One year, and it's changed who I am. And I LIKE who I am, now. I have more confidence because I know I'm in control of my life. I CAN do something about it. Anyone can do something about it, whatever "it" is. For me, currently, (Change Something) is used to kill the feeling of helplessness. I can help, in some way. I can be the listener, I can be the comforter, I can be the voice (or the script!).

Ah, yes, the listener. I think that when I tell people that they can call me for that, they don't listen. Well, maybe they listen, but they don't recall. We seem afraid of venting. We don't want to be a bother, or interrupt. I think that when that happens, (and I'll actually be thankful when it does) that a friend contacts me because they need a listener, that I would stop what I'm doing because I'm needed then. What I'm doing doesn't matter anymore.

I also believe that many people, not all, don't take sincerity seriously. They must be in the mindset that no one is truly sincere. That we're all just greedy bastards only out to say things that would enhance our resolve or enjoyment of a situation. We certainly can't be sensitive enough to truly feel guilt, or remorse for things that we didn't even do.

I feel guilty because I can't seem to DO anything to help the one who committed it in the first place. And I HATE that. I hate that with a passion. And I don't hate a lot of things. But this feeling, this knowledge that there could have been something there, something I could have done. And living with that. Put it this way: that's my eternal hell. That feeling of helplessness, every day, till the end of time, and beyond that, because souls don't die. If that were my eternal hell, I would wish I could be purged from existence.