I'm sitting here with my things, trying to get on with what I'm doing. Then I see you sneering at me. You sit opposite me, pretending you like me, pretending all the time. You see what I'm doing, see how I'm doing it, then start going on about how you'd do it and ways you'd make it better. I smile and nod, acting like I care about your dumb opinions, act as though I'm listening and taking in all you say. All the time I'm thinking 'Why don't you just leave me alone? I don't care about you, I don't care how you'd do it. Just go and let me be'.

I'm walking home, made to walk to the bus stop because me so called friend can't give me a lift home. I'm angry at everything, even you my 'friend'. You say you'll stand by me no matter what I do, but when popularity changes its mind you too change with it. You don't care about my feelings, you only carer about your image. I hope that one day you'll wake up and find you're as ugly as hell, that one day popularity will shift again and you'll be victim of its cold followers.

I'm on the bus, isolated by me unpopularity and the fact that I'm one of the older kids in the school. Before, most of the lower-down kids wouldn't even look at a Sixth Former, but not these obnoxious brats. All of them are shouting, jeering, throwing coins at each other and the bus hasn't even left yet. Then I see you, the spiteful runt. I start to listen to my Discman as loud as I can so others can only hear loud static, it usually works because hardly anyone sits next to me, that's how I like it. But you, you have to go out of your way to annoy me. You sit right next to me, taking up half the seat. You pull my headphones out my ear, telling me to turn it down in your smarmy way, then you start listening to it. You hold it to your ear for all of two seconds, then throw it back shouting that it's 'greebo music' and how it's not normal. I try to get up but you're too far in so I decide to just put up with it until my stop, then I think to myself 'If you don't move when I wanna get off I'll smash your head in!'. Of course, I never say it, I never say anything I feel. I take the classic, useless advice "If you just ignore them they'll get bored and leave you alone", like I need help to be alone. It never works anyway, but stops me from sticking up for and making an even bigger fool out of myself. Finally we get to my stop and you change your seat. I think to myself 'Good', I can't be bothered to fight today, especially with someone as worthless as you.

I get off at my stop and eventually make it back to my house. I call to my parents, remind them that I still exist, much to their dismay (or so I think). I go straight to my room and lock the door, starting to play my music. I stay in my room for the rest of the day, wasting my time in my only little fantasy world, the only refuge I have from my meaningless life. There's no room for people, no room for friends, just me and that's how it'll always be. And I sit there all night and stare at the clock, knowing that tomorrow will be exactly the same.

A/N: Just wanna say that the 'You' people that are mentioned are different in each paragraph, but I'm sure you could've worked that one out anyway. I didn't base this on me or anything, I just wrote it down for some reason. Oh and for all that don't know, a greebo is someone who listens to rock music wear hoodies and chains etc. Ah well, please tell me what you think, flame me if you must for my stupid grammar and spelling because I know there are people out there who just love to do that. Anyway, I'm being depressing.