Episode 3: Dark Majik

Phil was a bit cautious since yesterday, when he spilled his coffee on his lap. He took a careful sip, and set it back down. He walked upstairs from the basement, which was right by the dining room, and heard voices coming from the door. Carefully, he took a peek.

"Please Ryo. . . I'm sorry!!" Lia said desperately.

"You'll pay!!" Ryo said, holding the rifle to Lia's forehead.

Phil broke the door down with his fist. "Oké, that's good. Enough for today."

"She'll pay. . .," Ryo stated, walking out the door.

BWOOO! The alarm sounded. Whenever the alarm sounded, that meant the house was under direct attack. The Samurais ran downstairs from their rooms and got their weapons.

Quite suddenly, the roof was torn open. "Hey, you! This is my house, and um, arg," Phil said.

There was a knight in azure armor floating above them. He had stereotypical night armor, except it was blue with purple trim and had spikes on the gauntlets and shoulders.

"Haha, you will pay!!" The knight said.

A sweat bead appeared on Phil's forehead. "Psst, you aren't supposed to say that yet!!"


"You're supposed to introduce yourself first, you know, like a 'how nice of you to drop in, I am. . .,'" Phil said.

"Um, I am Bogarn!!" The knight said.

Phil gasped. "You mean. . . Bogarn. . . from Psysaga? Man, how many times do you have to come back?"

"Duahaha!" Suddenly, Bogarn teleported behind Phil and kicked him into the wall. Joan whacked Bogarn with the staff, and Joe underhanded him.

"D-death Chopperrr!" Bogarn threw the giant razor blade at Phil and flew back.

Suddenly the death chopper exploded before it hit Phil!

"Need a hand?" Zache said, making a figure 8 with his laser sword.

"No! Zache Israil is back!!!" Bogarn said, powering up his energy.


"That's right!" Zache put his fists out and by sides, floated into the air, and yelled.

"Dyaaa!" He went Ultimate Zache White, the final Ultimate Zache.

"Oh poo!" Bogarn said, as Zache dove at him.

Zache started hooking Bogarn in the face really fast then pushed him through the wall. Bogarn put his hands out as Zache grabbed his collar and bashed his hand through his helmet, blowing it off.

"Umph!" Bogarn flew back, and rolled on the ground.

He gained his balance and jumped above Zache.

"Who is this guy anyway?" Ryo asked.

"Why, it's Zache Israil from Psysaga! He is a Churbaxian, and he is, or was, trying to save the world from the Dark Council. Don't you ever read books?" Phil said.

"Hey, I thought in the end it was just a dream," Joe said.

Zache stopped beating up Bogarn. "SILENCE!" They both said.

Both of them fell to the ground. Bogarn punched Zache in the face. (For those who haven't read Psysaga, Ultimate Zache is just like a human, except with an oval horizontal mouth, two vertical oval eyes on top of the mouth, and there is a different colored diamond in each limb. He is buff, hehe. He has a red diamond in his right hand, a blue diamond in his left hand, a purple diamond in his chest, a black diamond in his right foot, and a white in his right.

"He's sooo dreamy," Lia said.

They stopped again.

"But. . . he's an alien," Ryo said.

"Huh? He is??" Lia's eyes crossed.

Zache turned around and punched Bogarn in the face. He stumbled back, and jumped for Zache. Zache dodged, and Bogarn teleported behind him. Bogarn side kicked Zache in the side of the head, and fired a DoomBeame (Read Psysaga) at him.

The DoomBeame missed and the both flew into the air. Zache charged up using Power'Vance (Read Psysaga), and Bogarn just. . . charged up.

"ZappoBeame!" Zache screamed.

"DeathBeame!" Bogarn said.

"YAH!!" They both said, firing the Beames.

The beames collided. Both Zache and Bogarn struggled to keep up their energy, so the Beame would last.

"Oh yes, he is definitely dreamy," Phillipe said, putting her arm around Lia.

Ryo scratched his head.

"EEEYAAAAAAAAH!" Zache yelled, starting to overcome the DeathBeame.

"ERR-GH!" Bogarn said, getting pushed back.

"POWER'VANCE: BLUBEAME!" Zache yelled.

Zache's Beame deactivated Bogarn's and smashed into him. Bogarn fell back, and Zache teleported under him.

"HaHaHaHaHa!!!! YoU wIlL dIe NoW!!" Zache said.

Zache kneed Bogarn in the back, and did a back clothesline to his neck. Bogarn was trying to escape, but Zache was about to smash him into the ground.

BAMF! Bogarn was crushed to the ground. He instantly flew into the air as Zache teleported upward. Bogarn pulled a death chopper around behind him and threw it by the rope. Zache teleported behind the chopper and spun it around by the rope.

"Aha! You will not fool me like Mojed was!" Bogarn said. (Read Psysaga.)

Just as the chopper was about to hit him, he teleported above Zache and punched him to the ground. Bogarn was flying down to Zache, when he flipped forward and faced Bogarn. Bogarn landed.

"Eyah!" Zache teleported behind Bogarn and back kicked him across the ground.

Bogarn was standing bent over, and Zache ran over to him and uppercut him in the stomach.


Bogarn began punching Zache in the face. Zache started blocking the attacks, and he front kicked Bogarn in the face. Bogarn fell back.

Zache stepped sideways. "I'll drop you like a sack of potatoes, foo'. SUPER ZACHE OF POTATOES ATTACK!"

Zache flew over to Bogarn and elbowed him in the face, sending him flying back. Zache followed and hooked him in the face with his left hand. He flipped and kicked him in the beans, teleported behind him and threw him into the air. Zache punched Bogarn further into the air, and teleported above him. Bogarn looked up, noticing his ascension was coming to a stop.

"Flame of Death!" Zache said, opening the fire cylinder under Bogarn. He punched Bogarn into the fire. Bogarn countered the fire with a Dark Vortex, and it disappeared.


Zache's cannon attack hit Bogarn, and he fell further to the ground. Zache fired a Mind Burst, blowing Bogarn through the ground. (Read Psysaga gosh darnit.)

"Wellp, he's dead now," Zache said, flying back into the house.

"Guys, it WAS a dream. I'm really. . .," Zache said, pulling off his mask.

"No!" Lia said.

"Gasp!" Phil said.

"Ergh!" Phillipe said.

"*Cough,*" Joe said.

"Whatever," Ryo said.

"Fred Durst!!" Joan said.

"Um yeah, I'm really Fred Durst," Fred said.

Everyone stared at him, shocked.

"Uh, yeah, I guess I'll be goin' now," Fred said, walking away.

"Anyways, back to business," Ryo said, holding his gun up to Lia.

She started crying. "Ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease."

"Aww, I can't stay mad at you!!" Ryo said, hugging Lia.