Letting Go
Thunder Fist

The past 2 years I've spent with you
Have helped my mind to grow,
But I've still yet to understand
Why soon I must let you go.

Whene'er I think about these years
I shall speak of them with pride
And all the times we've had together
Will make my smile grow wide.

Although the things we did were small,
It brings to mind once more
The adage that the simple things
Are the ones we most adore.

The time you've spent within our lives
Has truly been special indeed.
I only hope our time with you
Has also planted a happy seed.

As now the curtain falls again
Marking another class's end,
I thank God that as well as my teacher
You also were my friend.

Otaka-sensei, may your life be blessed
In all ways, in all parts,
For the memories with you that each of us have
Will live on within our hearts.