You don't know me

You don't even know me anymore

You look at my face

You may see your daughter

But you don't see me

You don't see the pain

The hurt

The anger

The confusion

All you see is what I decide to show

You may see my smile

Hear my laughter

But how much of it is real?

You don't see my tears

I hide them

I hide my pain to

The cuts

Invisible to you

You'll never see them

I won't reveal to you

The hatred

That lives within

You will never really know me

I can't let you

You can't know

Or understand

Who I've become

If I were to reveal

Who I really am

You might not recognize me

How would that feel?

You wouldn't know me anymore

Your own daughter

So its better this way

For me to wear my mask

I just hope

The true me

Is never revealed

To you

I don't know

If you could handle it

The perfect facade

Would come crashing down

And who knows

What would be left

What would remain standing

Lets not find out

I'll just act my way through life

Its worked so far

Its like I don't even exist

Just a shell of me

Is the shell really alive?

Sometimes I think I'm more like a robot