Almost all my secrets

Have been revealed

People who were never


Suppose to learn them

Have now been taught

The hidden part of me

Is revealed now

Some people never even knew

That a part of me was hidden

They could not have guessed

My greatest secret

But soon

My greatest secret will be revealed

To the two people

Who were never EVER to know

Soon enough they will be told

My future is now in the hands of others

My secrets are no longer mine

The control I held over my life is gone

I revealed secrets to those I hold close

In the end I revealed to much

My trust has ruined me

I trust to much

And to many

They say it was the right thing to do

The only thing

I still disagree

There is always another way

Another choice

But did I have one?


Well actually

I suppose you could say I was given a choice

I was allowed to choose the messenger

The lucky one who gets to spill my secret

Aren't they special?

Let hope I don't end up hating them

For what they have been chosen to do