I continue to let myself give in

To the evil that lives within

I will my self to be stronger

But with each day it gets harder

Every time I feel the powerful need to cut

I give in

How low can I fall?

How much worse can I get?

Every single time I give in

It just gets worse and worse

Every single time I give into cutting

It grows

I make more cuts

I move on to different parts of my body

I make it bleed

When I first started this

I didn't want blood

Just pain

But now I need the blood to

Pain isn't enough

Not anymore

I need more and more

More pain and punishment

As much as I can get away with

And the worse it is

The longer it takes to heal

The longer the pain stays with you

So that you don't forget why you did it

What your punishment was for

But there is a danger

A danger to this punishment

What if I cut to deep?

I don't want to bleed to death

I don't want to die

Well at least I usually don't want to die

And what if I get caught?

Will I get better or worse?

My world would fall

If I were to get caught

But what can I do?

I can't stop

But I can NOT let myself get caught

With the way things are going

I'm gonna get caught

Oh well

Guess I'm screwed