What are the sinster thoughts of my dreams?
That envelop me like the web of a dreamcatcher,
Striking apperence of the night,
And the burning of the twilight sky.

The darkness in my soul,
Boiling over as my hate flames away,
And the ebon skied full of light,
Part their ways.

The moon,
With it's light shinning over the molten lava,
Casting shadows never before seen,
Of the dancing flames.

The spell caught in a cast of mold,
Held for a single second,
Before let out to fly,
Burning, searing, scorching the night sky.

The flames of the morning dawn,
Burning down through the hours,
Watching the fires blow across the ebon skies,
And the anger drains.

As the dreams of nightmares fade,
As I open my eyes,
To the dawning skies,
My soul is set at ease.....