why did you leave me in my darkest hour?
abandoned and scared, you just left me to cower.
every moment I live my heart bleeds for you,
I have not been the same since you broke it in two.

And now you come crawling back, tears in your eyes,
and say you've missed me since we said our goodbyes.
You tell me you'll never break my heart again
but how can I love you like I did back then?

You told me you loved me and said that you cared,
but that's not what I saw in your dark eye's harh glare.
you "loved" me, you hurt me, turned your back on me,
when I needed you most, when I hurt desperately.

And now that I'm better, now that my scars healed,
you're here once again, though your love is not real.
You used me before but you will not again,
I'm stronger this time, I will find better men.