Once there was this young girl
Who would smile every single day
Ever when she had nothing at all
She would chase our fears away

Every night she laid down to bed
And cried until her eyes were dry
Not one single tear was for herself
But for everyone who isn't alive

Because she know how hard it is to survive
How hard it is to get on by
When there are no places to hide
She know how hard it is to survive

Every morning she would wake and dress
Take a quick look in the mirror
And put a friendly smile on her face
To spread some of her own cheer

She takes a walk to a memorial park
But not a single tear escapes her eyes
For she knows, that if you try to smile
It isn't that hard to survive

A/N: Just a little poem I wrote a couple days ago for everyone who needs to be remembered. And for all of those people who know just how hard it is to survive when you can't hide.