~ Moon Bridge ~

Deticated to : My little sister Sora Potter

In the night long ago , there used to be a bridge to the moon , it was in a garden , the bridge was made of gold .

A road led to and from the bridge , it was made of silver , a silver road crossing a lake and to a moon bridge and continuing up among the sky , it went along with the stepping stones up in the night sky .

In a garden long ago there grew a tree , this tree was a willow tree , it cried amber tears, it cried into the lake .

It cried until a blue blade cut into its branches , it used to want to live , but now it dosen't , that was a long time ago to .

In a garden long ago there was copper stepping stones , you jumped from stone to stone , I remember watermelons and hats and such , I remember the lone thought of magic floating around in my head .

I was five our six then , the stars shone bright with a future then , you could stare out across the lake from a moon bridge and see something besides water , and tears could bring back life .

You could dance in the fields with faries , you could be among the stars yet be alone , you could cry tears and seem not to be heard , and you could once more be young .

A garden it was , it gave health to all who entered its gates , you could take a trip among the stars to the moon , you could see them in a diffrent view then up at the moon .

It was before everything fell from the sky , it was before everything that was not suppose to happen happened , it was when the dragons ruled the sky , it was before the sky fell upon our heads .

You could run and play , you could be a kid , you could love again , you could be yourself for the first time .

You relized after you left that you never would come upon it again , you could cry and beat your hands all you want , but it was gone , and your soul to for it stayed behind with simple childhood memories .