~ I Am Akira Bane ~

Deticated to : Everyone who has reviewed my storues and taught me I must forever dream .

Time is time , as I have told you before , what is the diffrence between the noon and the moon , it is the same .

There is no such thing as time , sure night leads to day , and day leads to night , but it is the same .

How can time be after time , and how can time be before time , can noon come before day , and can the moon rise and stay that way .

Will the flames ever stay lit , can a dragonbe slain , why in my name Bane , am I poison as my name says .

Will the stars be the only things to stand between us , will the sky hold them up forever , can the universe expand north to south , instead of east to west .

Do moths fly in day , and does the dry up along with our blood , has time been here to long , is somthing that is really nothing really here .

Is time real , what is space , is it just space , or is it a sphere or something solid .

Is the ground alive , will the earth burn , has it ever burned before just like this , does the night sky .

Under bright flamey sky , you can see the sky set on fire , you might see time , and maybe you can see ground .
If in reason you think the universe is flat , but it is really round , if it goes on forever east to west , why can it not go on forever north to south .

Time is suppose to be something diffrent , it is pointless don't you see , stars are diffrent , for they are real .

Or are they not real , they are after all just made out of gas , time is just an after thought , just like me .

I am an shadow , am I not , how tiny I am , can I pull through .

My name is Akira , I am the anchor of the stars , I am nothing , compared to the universe .

Time is not real , flowers grow in time they say the same thing about blooms , cannons fire great big blasts , war is open to all now .

Is the earth nothing , have all the things we have learned to be forgoten , graves are scattered here and there , just like rainbows I can tell .

Friend or foe , rose for rose , time for time , and love for love .

Rips in time are not possible , how can it be possible to travel back to relive something , acctully you do it everyday , in your memories you do .

I can see again , I am two or three I can see the clouds from my seat , repeating the alaphbet all to soon , in my mind I can see it all now .

Happy memories they all are , along with a few sad ones , I see her live , I see her die .

Hot air ballons floating in a bright blue sky , hearts on fire without knowning why , tears down my cheeks , time has never been here .

Lightning , wind , rain , and hail fall from the sky , hearts are broken everyday , I watch children weep in the streets , and people go off and come back from war .

Tears are near , tears are gone they have been cried , tears are not but space , and rivers race .

Moonrises are so much darker than sunrises you don't feel safe , I accuse you of time , if time was not real I would still be here , rainbows scatter each one touchs another grave .

Golden thread weaves its spell through my loom , my muse has gone from my head , my final words are , I am Akira Bane please do not forget me .