The Witches, Werewolves, and Vampires of Westminster Part 3

The Witches, Werewolves, and Vampires of Westminster Part 3

As the group sat in the living room of Point du Lac, they were trying to decide if what they did was essential to them! Earlier on they just killed a boy named Drew who threatened them by trying to tell the world their secrets! They came to the conclusion that it was for the best because they couldn't get caught obviously! But at that moment, a knock came from the door.

Katy got up and saw a policeman by the door with a very disgruntled look upon his face. She opened the door and he immediately said her rights as he put handcuffs on her. " What the hell is going on here?" she asked as the rest of the group came to the door trying to find out what happened.

"We have a warrant for your arrests and we plan to take you away for quite some time! Come on boys!" the man said as the rest of the policeman came in and arrested the rest of the group.

They were taken to police cars and herded away to a detention center where they were put into a cell. They wanted to just use their powers to escape but they couldn't use it in front of the rest of the prisoners. They had to sleep there until Sunday where they had to go to court for their hearing.

They were taken to the food court for breakfast. They were served gruel and some other stuff that didn't even look edible. They were disgusted beyond bounds and they didn't even try to touch the stuff. So they just sat there, talking to each other; trying to find a way out. It was locked solid in there and they had no chance on trying to escape without help.

Laurel gazed out the window in their cell at night and saw something rather interesting. It was a black figure just moving about. She had saw enough picture of wolves to know that that was one of them! She saw it's blue eyes and it's pointy ears and stood in amazement at it. She wanted more than ever to just get out. But alas, she couldn't. The wolf started to turn and walk towards the cell and Laurel got everyone else's attention and told them that this black wolf was coming towards them! " It's beautiful! I can't believe it!" remarked Laurel, which was the only thing, said because the beauty hypnotized them!

It went right up to the cell window by going through the fence by using it's powerful claws. It was a sight! It stood there and stared at Laurel. It started to glow and to change as if it were covered by smoke. Than the glowing stopped and the wolf jumped through the wall, knocking everyone down but yet not breaking the wall nor making a sound. It started to morph into a woman they could only know as one woman, their true mentor from years before, Ms.Moran!

She was dressed in black and she ran towards us and said; "Now listen, we need to get you out of here! Just do what I say. Run right through the wall and through the fence and do it now!" and they did as she said with little hesitation.

They were home free except for one detail, "What if they find out that we aren't still in our cells? They will hunt us down like smelly dogs!" yelled Spike as he tried to keep calm.

"That is why we need to get out of here! And quick! I need to tell you some things first though." Ms.Moran said as she started to run into the woods.

She explained to them the she was a Warg as was Laurel. She has known and watched them since their birth. She was sent by the Powers That Be to help them in their travels through life and to keep them safe. They ran and walked for hours into the woods until they reached Point du Lac once again.

They didn't sleep. They just started to talk because they needed to develop a plan. It was set. They would go back into time with a simple meditation spell and find out the truth. The group got into a circle outside in the woods known as the witches' area, an area where many witches were hanged, and just started to think of the time they ant to be and the purpose.

Then Spike screamed, "Why the hell are we doing this crap? It is nothing but--" and he stopped along with the rest of the world.

It seemed that things were going backwards: dusks were dawns, night was day, and they seemed to be placed in front of Hoffman's. They were now looking at themselves from across the street. A rush fell over them. But now time started to frezz again; the spell that Katie completed was taking it's part in time.

But than before it was completed, something was flashing right next to them. It seemed to be a translucent figure that looked like no one else than Drew. He took the picture but yet he was also across the street having the crap beating out of him. He was a warlock; a demon. He got us caught!

"Got him!" whispered Tony