By:Andrew Troy Keller

Mistletoe has always been a part of true Christmas tradition,for when someone(male/female)stands under it during Christmastime,you have to give that someone a kiss.
Of course,mistletoe could also lead to a little Holiday romance.
For example:Bruce Gordon was attending a Christmas party at his sister's house--and even though he was supposed to be enjoying himself,Bruce was lonely and very unhappy.
However,all of that was about to change,for when Bruce was about to help himself to another glass of eggnog,a pair of hands had covered his eyes--and a sweet-sounding voice had said,"Peek-a-boo and Ho-ho-ho."
And when he had turned around to find out who was behind him,Bruce was somewhat surprised to have discovered a raven-haired,blue-eyed beauty standing in front of him.
Her name was Barbara Kent,a law school student at Cleveland State University--and one who was in need of a true Holiday romance.
"So,Barbara.What brings you here?",asked a confused Bruce.
Barbara had told him that his sister,Karen Gordon-Jordon had invited her to the party with hopes of snapping Bruce out of his Yuletide loneliness--and believe it or not,it had worked.
Bruce was cured of his loneliness--and that was just for starters,for when Barbara's eyes were staring at the ceiling,he also had looked up and discovered that he was standing under a piece of mistletoe.
"Now,Brucie-boy.",said Barbara,just as she had placed a pair of gentle hands on his cheeks."How about that Holiday smootch?"
Just then,Karen and her husband,Oliver Jordon had entered the room,filled their glasses with eggnog and turned to face their party guests.
"My friends,my wife and I would like to purpose a toast!",announced Oliver,after he had raised his eggnog glass."Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!"
Of course,while this toast was going on--and unknown to the hosts and their guests,the Holiday season's newfound sweethearts,Bruce Gordon and Barbara Kent were giving each other the most romantic...Make that,the most passionate kiss ever in recorded history.
And thanks to a certain piece of Yuletide tradition,Bruce and Barbara had lived happily ever after.