I wrote that when I was in hospital for ½ year, to thank all the people there who helped me to become healthy again! I hope you like it! Please ignore my spelling errors! I'm German!

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Thank you:

Thanks for watching over me

While happy sick or sad

A friend of mine you'll always be

A fact that makes me glad

No matter what you've been right there

To help me in my pain

You mean so much to me - I Swear

You took me out the rain

The time I spent with you in here

Will never go away

In my heart you will stay near

That's what I try to say

When I got in I never thought

My power will now grow

I never said it but you taught

Me not to let me go

The time here it went by so fast

And all the friends I met

That memory will be my last

A help I won't forget

1 Kushami-gou 2001-09-26