The ascendancy of having power,
Blessing the foamed seas,
Atonishing to those who surround her,
And heaven came.

And the way that she smiles,
I close my eyes,
I can still see the aspect of her,
She's rogue and sloshes with radiant love.

Here in our hearts,
She avails,
Receding closer,
Exploring with ecstasy.

And her gracious, mocking, laugh,
Of beauty,
Surpassing from her shell,
Our genuine hearts is the one she is taking.

She gives the gift of perpetual aspiration,
Draping the seized mystic fields,
The Earth,Sun, and Moon is at peace,
Here the soul and statued figure,

Stands Aphrodite,
May her presence exist in every woman,
And flow into our hearts,
And the sacred seas.