Hi! This is an odd, random poem that I created from the mindset of an original character of mine. Hope you enjoy it!


Life is confusing.

So I don't dwell on it.

It's best if you don't dwell on things.

Like meanings, and opinions, and understanding, and stuff.

Is there a reason I'm here?

Is there a reason I'm me?

Is there a reason we all met?

If there is, I haven't thought of it.

I don't like thinking of explanations, and plans, and excuses, and all that.

It leads to confusion. And it's best not to dwell on confusing things.

Why do I travel with all of you?

Well, why is it so important that you know?

I just didn't know where to go, so I started following you around.

Maybe you know where you're going.

But I don't know, because I don't like thinking of explanations and reasons.

So I decided to follow you.


I felt like it.

I don't think about things. Thinking is confusing.

I just feel.

Guilt and worry and nervousness and wanting to know things and all that are 'thinkings'.

Happiness and sadness and surprise and love are 'feelings'.

I didn't 'think' of why I wanted to follow you.

I just felt like it. So that's what I did.

Overall, I think it's a reasonable decision.

After all, maybe you know where you're going.