A/N * Ok so although this may appear extremely strange and in the same vein as all my other stuff at first glance, its really not. I wrote it for a friend who went down one morning at 3am to get a glass of milk, opened the fridge door and found an enormous dead fish sitting there being dead and fishy. This understandably scared the hell out of him and he became terrified to open the fridge door. So I wrote him this poem and he has now taped it on the fridge door. No I'm not insane and neithers he. Honest!

Don't look at me like that

You with your cold eyes

Your scales all slimy

You make me afraid

Afraid to open the door

The smell hits you

As you walk in the house

You're taking over

Wish someone would just

Eat you

Tear you apart

Bone from bone

Then you can no longer watch me

With those empty eyes of yours

And I could feel


Once again