*Bin no Ai*

(Love of Bottle)

By: Natalie

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hiyaz! First of all, I know the title looks and sounds wierd. It was supposed to be "love in a jar" but, thanks to a wierd translator, it spit this title out. After doing a word by word translation, that is what I got. If you can think of a better one, pleaaaaase e-mail me. () This is an original manga/novel by me! I hope you like it. It has a wierd plot but please stick around and give it a read and review *wink* You might..dare I say like it? Anyway, thanks in advance! ~Natalie


My name is Neria Suzuki.. I'm was just an ordinary girl really.. that is until now. I don't know if you'll find my story interesting at all. After all, I am just another girl right? I'm just another girl in college studying in a spacestation orbiting around Mars with a 2,000 year old dragon spirit beside me currently charming his way into college. Yep.. not so interesting huh? Well..come in for a moment and hear me out.

I dare you.

"MISS SUZUKI!" someone..or rather my professor yelled. I nearly lost my balance and fell off the chair. I heard a couple of my classmates giggle and sighed. Dang.. wait a minute, where was I. Oh. right. School.. and I have to answer question number five. I blurted out a five digit number that miraculously happend to be the right answer and watched as Ms. Dewire (who must be an old maid for obvious reasons) glared at me before moving on to her next victim. I shuddered at the thought and continued staring at the holographic image in front of me. Atmospheric pressure..weather..precipitation..ugh. I looked up and saw exactly WHO she was picking on.

I groaned softly.

Of all people, she had to pick Murasaki Hiryuu. Yes.. Flying Dragon Purple.. that was his name. He tossed his purple hair and chuckled softly as if he could read my thoughts. Actually, I would be surprised if he couldn't. After all, he was a 2,000 year old entity. I watched him as Dewire asked him one of the questions that even the top students would have a hard time answering. (Apparently he found him as annoying as I did..) Hiryuu or Ryu -- as I called him pretended to think for a couple of minutes and stuck his finger into his mouth. After a couple of seconds he muttered a loud 'OH' and proceded to recite the answer down to the last number after the decimal point. Smiling cheekily he stood up and gave a little bow. Funny, Dewire called for an early dismissal right after that. I would even swear that the old hag's face was as red as a fire engine.

So HOW, do you ask did I end up with this? well. I guess I'll have to tell you the whole story then. Right from the very very start. Yup, right from time I found a pile of bones in an antique jar..

To be continued...