*Bin no Ai*

(Love of Bottle)

By: Natalie

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Pat. Pat.

"Oi oniichan, wake up now" I muttered softly as I brushed away those errant strands of black hair from his pale face. It was so unusual to see him like this. Most of the time he was his usual prissy and untouchable self even to his little sister. It was a big change from the high and mighty Suzuki Eizou that all of us saw on stage whether singing or just looking cool. From this angle he almost seemed.. sweet and not so big looking. I looked up at a teary-eyed and near hysterical Sho (who was shaking Eizou like a rag doll) and smiled reassuringly.

"Sho, he just fainted you know." I patted his hand comfortingly.

"H-hai.. but but what do we dooo?" he wailed uncharacteristically and clutched Eizou for dear life. Suddenly, a light bulb seemed to go off in his head.

"Neria-chan! Do you have any ammonia? You know, the stinky thing they use in the rescue shows to wake up people?!"

I shook my head.

"No, at least I don't think so. Mikami would know but she's still out right now. Hmm maybe.." I jumped up and brandished a smelly looking black sock that looked like it had seen better days.

"Will this do?" I grinned in amusement as the two dragons who were eating pancakes gagged and turned an interesting shade of green. With a reaction like that, I was sure that it would work. After all, dragons are supposed to have keen senses. Sho chuckled as I approached the sleeping Eizou. Slowly, I twirled the sock in front of Eizou till it looked like a fan.

As expected, the results were instantaneous.

My dear dear brother jumped out of Sho's embrace with a cry as he gasped for breath. Eizou turned to me and said in a very low and dangerous voice.

"What..was that?"

I smiled nervously.

"A.. sock."

"You dare put a stinky sock that smells like a camel urinated on it and died in your dear sexy brother's face---?!" He yelled - face turning an amusing shade of purple. However, his tirade was cut short when suddenly, Sho flipped him over and gave him an enthusiastic kiss. Coughing, I turned my gaze towards the two dragons whose jaws had dropped at the sight and smiled helplessly.

It seems dear readers, that another crisis has been averted! I was about to make my exit together with the dragons when a sharp tug on my hair made me yelp. I glared at the offender who happened to be my dear brother. I had to half cover my face at the sight of them in a. compromising position.

"Oi, imouto. Don't forget the chores."

I nodded and ran out of the room with both dragons in tow.


So that my friends, is how I ended up doing a week's worth of extra chores on top of preparing for the school play. Ahh the play, I haven't thought of that in a while. The play was going to be held in less than two weeks from now. I was cutting it quite close no? Well.. I guess I should be at least grateful that I did not have to rewrite the script like a certain person who we all know and love.

Poor Hiryuu. He was stuck with me doing chores in the morning and rewriting the script in the evening. Not to mention that we also had some school stuff to do.

What about Aoi-chan you say? Well. Needless to say, he was being pampered to death by both Sho and Eizou. Mikami? Well She came back that day laden with shopping bags. Apparently, it was a really big sale and she charged everything to Eizou's account.

I knew she was a vengeance type.

You must be wondering about my parents too ne? Well oddly enough, they took the news extremely well. Turns they already knew the whole thing about Hiryuu. I guess the whole "dragon-in -the-jar" legend was passed down from generation to generation. They just didn't figure out that I would be so . stupid? Or lucky? As to let the dragon out. Well Hiryuu's family gets to visit sometimes. When they come, it's usually chaos (what with Hiryuu's otoosan's idea of showing love through punches and kicks). My mother simply adores Aoi-chan and never lets him out of her sight - unless of course Sho and Eizou borrow him.

I guess I won't be grounded for life nor be sent to a sanitarium ne?

Speaking of the dragon, It was already close to twelve in the evening (or should I say morning) and I could still see the faint glow of the computer. I guess he was still awake. Yes I did have to teach him how to operate the "confounded-idiotic-stupid-letter-spewing-machine". I padded quietly to my father's study (converted to Hiryuu's room thanks to Otoosan) and took a peek.

What I saw, was to me, well.the most adorable sight in the world.

Hiryuu apparently fell asleep while he was working on the script. His lithe form was curled up on a chair while his head lay on the table. For kami knows how long, I stood rooted to the spot and simply watched over my dragon.

My dragon.

When had I started thinking that?

It must be Hiryuu's influence.

But then..

I smiled and walked over to my sleeping dragon. Gently, I nudged him to wakefulness. It was a small treat for me just to see those heavily lashed eyes flutter open and reveal their amethyst depths. He blinked and offered me a sleepy smile.

"Mmmh? Neria? Is it morning already? I'm almost done I just can't figure out how it's supposed to end...." He slurred and nearly fell of the chair as he tried to get up.

"Well..almost morning. Why don't you go to the bed over there and take a rest. We still have school today and it simply won't do if you fall asleep."

He looked up at me with a quizzical expression and nodded. I half carried him as we made our way to his bed. All went well until he pulled me down with him. We laughed as we fell together in a tangled mass of limbs and hair. Breathlessly, I smiled and looked up at my dragon. It was odd. He had the most peculiar expression on his face. But then, as always it was as if he had read my mind because he gave me a small smile that told me everything was going to be fine.

"So, can you tell me what the script is about? Or is it a big secret?" I asked.

After what seemed to me was an eternity, he rolled off and lay facing me. He reached out with his hands and gently cupped my face. Running his thumb over my lips, he still had that odd expression on his face. His brows were furrowed and his eyes unreadable as he stared into mine. Uncomfortable, I blinked and he turned away.

"It's no secret Neria-chan." He smiled and stared at the ceiling. He stayed like that with his arms behind his head for a few minutes before he spoke again. And when he finally did speak, Hiryuu's voice gained that odd hypnotizing quality that master storytellers would kill to have.

"It's about a dragon and the one thing that scares him. But at the same time gives him the happiness that he has longed for..."

"Scares him?" I asked curious.

Hiryuu looked at me out of the corner of his eye.

"Hai it scares him." He said and gave me that don't-interrupt-me look. I smiled sheepishly and nudged him to continue.

"It's a princess acutally. See, there was a spell on the dragon and he was never happy. Well..when he meets this little princess, the spell somehow breaks. He also finds out other things. He finds out that he loves her too. But then, he gets scared. He does not know what to do. After all, human hearts are fickle and can change in an instant. What happens when the little princess is not so little anymore. What happens when she decides that she doesn't want him anymore?.." Hiryuu trailed off as he turned and enveloped me in his embrace.

"How is it supposed to end?" I whispered.

I got a soft snort and a playful squeeze.

"I suppose, the dragon gets his hime and all that other mushy stuff that follows. Ne, Neria-hime?" He drawled lazily.

"Eh? That's not much of an ending." I scoffed. "If I were the dragon, I would have given his hime a big kiss and well ..more!"

Hiryuu rolled his eyes and smirked.

"Well why not? After all you never did answer my question when we first met- you know, about what you wanted from me. So, do you want me to obliterate some army? Cook a bazillion dumplings? or God forbid, dance in a bikini?"

I smiled and put my hand over Hiryuu's heart. He looked at me with raised eyebrows. I was content just to feel the rhythmic thudding that slowly but surely lulled me to sleep.

"Nothing." I replied. "Just you."

This time, Hiryuu's eyebrows rose so high that they disappeared behind his purple fringe of hair. That expression lasted for about two seconds on his face then was replaced by a dazzling smile.

"Soo desu ka?"

"Yes, that's right." I grinned then was pleasantly surprised when Hiryuu pressed his lips onto mine.

"W-what was that?" I asked a little flustered - no scratch that. I was VERY flustered.

"That was a bonus! Besides, that wasn't the ending." He chuckled and ruffled my hair.

"Eh? Then how *does* it end?"

"It doesn't!"

"EHHH? What do you mean?"

"That was just the beginning."

-----( OWARI )----


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