Words Of Healing
Thunder Fist

Although this night your heart is troubled
And your world filled with dismay,
I wish to try to soothe your soul
Of its discontent, if I may.

Your heart is heavy from many burdens
Both current and beyond,
As you deal with many people
With whom you have formed a bond.

The longing for home that runs so strong
Has caught you in its grip.
Tears of grief escaped from your eyes,
And sobs came from your lips.

As I watched the sadness come forth
And saw your words of woe,
I swore to myself to try to block
This negative energy flow.

Sometimes for naught and sometimes successful,
I tried the things I knew
To break the hold depression had
And bring happiness back to you.

Now here I stand, Sakura-chan,
As happier we both feel,
And I offer to you my love and friendship
Whenever you need to heal.