"Can't catch me"

I love the sound of laughter, even if my hands have started to go numb.

"Bet I can"

And then we're running, Kit dancing amongst the snow and me tripping over every twig and mound hidden by the blinding whiteness.

And he can catch me.

The snows sticking in my hair and Shorn picks it out, we lay in the snow and make snow angels, he hold's my hand.

"Look, twin angels"

"Stop that, she was just ill"

I cough and they both look on with worried faces.

"I'm okay"

When we get back inside I look in the mirror, I still look pail and sickly but now there is a bright red staining my cheeks and I'm grinning.

I thank who ever gave me such wonderful friends, I really don't deserve them.

Dedicated to Kit and Shorn, a little after Christmas I was very sick, I had to stay in bed and the doctor came round. I still have a really bad chest cough but when it snowed Kit and Shorn came round and took me out sledding to make me better. Shorn did brake my sledge but oh well, he did still protect me in the big snowball fight.