By:Andrew Troy Keller

Monday,November 6th
8:54 am

Inside Captain Ted Cooper's office,in the Cleveland Police Department Justice Center,he was having a conversation with an old friend from Los Angeles,Lt. Columbo.
"So,how's Kate?",asked a smiling Ted.
"Oh,the Missus is doin' fine.,answered a pleased Columbo."She's still workin' for the Valley Advocate."
"Yeah,well."said an understanding Ted."At least,it's better than the Plain Dealer."
"And,Jenny's going to L.A. Senior High next year.",said Columbo,while blowing a ring of smoke out of his mouth.
"Little Jenny Columbo?",asked a happy Ted."My,how time flies."
Then,Columbo had looked at his watch,and said,"Whoops!Speakin' of time,I've got to make it,to the airport,for the shuttle back home to L.A.!"
"Hope you've enjoyed the detectives convention.",said a smiling Ted.
"I sure did.",said a happy Columbo."How are things with you?"
After he had opened the door,to behold the little slice of chaos within the squardroom,Ted asked,"Do you want to know?"

Monday,November 6th
9:25 am

Within the RTA Station in Public Square,a stunt,that was supposed to be for a spectacular movie,went bust.
Colt Seavers,the stuntman who was doing the stunt,was dead.
Detectives Larry Bergan,Boris Warden,and John Kelly were there to find out how it had happened.
"Okay.",said a stoic John."Does Mr. Seavers have any enemies that you know of?"
"None that I know of.",answered Pearl Sperling,a bail bondsperson,who was just at the scene.
"I was making a phone call,when it happened.",answered Jody Banks,Colt's fellow stunt person.
"I was inside the truck,listening to some music on the radio.",answered Howie Munson,Colt's younger cousin.
"Okay,folks."said a satisfied Larry."Thanks for your time.We'll let you know."
While the trio were walking to the car,a confused Boris asked,"So,what do we do now?"
"Simple,Boris.",answered a still-stoic John."We try to follow up on the leads."

Monday,November 6th
9:29 am

A 415 was in progress in an apartment building on Perkins Avenue,when RUnit 46(Patrol officers Jake Donovan and Gloria Gleason's unit)had arrived.
After Jake and Gloria had reached the suspects' apartment,the screaming and smashing sounds had gotten louder.
Since they were there to try,and defuse the situation,an upset Jake had knocked on the door,and yelled,"OPEN UP!!POLICE!!"
The door had opened,and the husband had ran out of the apartment,while saying,"Excuse me."
After that,a frying pan had flew out of the apartment really fast,and it had almost hit Jake.
Jake had,then,pulled out his gun,and yelled,"OKAY,LADY!!HOLD IT!!"
The wife,Julie Kanisky Maxwell had peeked out of the apartment door,and said,"OH!I'm sorry,Officer.I've thought you were my husband."
"And,your husband is?",asked a not-too-happy Jake.
"Right here,sir.",answered the husband,Jonathan Maxwell.
Then,Jake had turned to Gloria,and said,"Okay.How about this?I'll talk to the hubby.You'll chit-chat with with his wife."
"Okay by me.",answered an understanding Gloria,before she had gone into the apartment,to talk to Julie.
Meanwhile,outside the apartment,Jake had walked over to Jonathan,and asked,"Okay,sir.What's up?"
"Well,sir.",answered a confused Jonathan."I don't know why.But,she thinks I'm fooling around with another woman."
Inside the apartment,an equally confused Gloria asked,"Say what?"
"That's right!",answered an upset Julie."He's cheating on me!
"Oh,how can you be sure?",asked a skeptical Gloria.
"I have a feeling!",answered a still-upset Julie.
After having heard that,Gloria had rolled her eyes,and said,"Ooo-kaaayyy."

End of Part One!