Cleveland Knights--Part 3
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Then,after Jake had finished taking his bow,and the phone had rung,Larry had picked it up,and said,"Justice Center.Detective Bergen speaking."
Joe Forrester,who was on the other end of the line,in the Stouffer's Tower City Hotel on Public Square,had said,"So,you're now a detective.Even better than a patrolman in Los Angeles,eh?"
"Hello,Joe.",said a smiling Larry."What do you want?"
"I want you to come back to Los Angeles with me.",answered a hopefull Joe.
"Look,Joe.",said Larry,after he rolled his eyes."I've already told you.I like Cleveland."
"Are you sure?",asked Joe,after letting out a sigh.
"Yes.",answered a confindent Larry.
Meanwhile,Officer Wendy Lubbock entered the room,and asked,"Excuse me.Is this Captain Ted Cooper's office?"
Harry had pointed to Ted's office door,and said,"Over there."
"Thanks.",said a relieved Wendy.
"No problem.",said Harry,before he had turned to Rocky,who had asked,"How can you say no to forty big ones?"
"Like this.",answered Harry,before turning his head to one side."No."

Monday,November 6th
12:01 pm

Malcom and Jenny Macgruder,ex-cops-turned-private-investigators,had met Jake for lunch at Wendy's.
"So.",said an interested Jake."How are you two doing?"
"Well,Jake.",said a gleeful Malcom."I don't know how to put it to words."
"You want me to tell him,honey?",asked an also-gleeful Jenny.
"If you want to.",answered a smiling Malcom.
"Tell me already,willya?",asked an excited Jake."I'm goin' banannas!"
"Okay,okay.",said Jenny,who was looking at Malcom."Let's tell him together."
"Why not.",said Malcom,who was looking at Jenny.
Then,they had looked at Jake,and said,"We're having a baby!"
"Aaah,boy!",said a shocked Jake.
"Or,girl.",said Jenny,while rubbing her belly."Whichever the case may be."
After having heard that,Jake had smiled.

Monday,November 6th
9:24 pm

In the squad room,a shocked John had asked,"Malcom and Jenny are having a what?!"
"That's right,John.",answered a still-smiling Jake."A baby."
End of Part 3!