What is pain?

Pain is seeing your boyfriend

Kiss another girl.

Pain is feeling the rejection

That will not disappear.

Pain is when you love somebody

That doesn't love you.

Pain is when you soul cries

And you don't comprehend

Just how much it really hurts.

Pain is when your heart bleeds

Because you were betrayed.

Pain is when you lose a loved one

To the grim hand of death.

Pain is when your fine outside,

But inside,

Your soul can't stop crying.

Pain is when you heart is torn

By the one you love most

Pain is knowing

That the only one you'll ever love

Despises you

Just because.

Pain is when you build a wall

Around your heart for protection

But the thing that hurts most is that wall.

Pain is when you shut out

Everyone dear to you

And listen only to the hurt

Love is pain's creator.

And pain is love's destroyer.

It runs in a neverending circle,







Until you give in to the pain,

And forget the love.

Pain is when you give your soul away

to all the hurt and anger in you mind

and forget the good in your heart.

Pain is