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Maybe I could have survived the new overbearing teachers, the side looks the other students gave me as the new girl. Maybe I could have survived that alone but how would I survive losing my best friend?

Hannah is what I miss most about home. Saying goodbye to her was the hardest part of moving. This was more here thing, she's the loud popular one. Who wouldn't want to be friends with her? I'm the 'quiet one' no one seems to know very well. Why couldn't this be her? Why couldn't she be here with me?

I can still remember her reaction when I told her my family's plans. It was a pretty nasty day. The wind had been screaming at the autumn sky, daring the sun to show. Leaves swirled around my heels, my hair whipped across my face. No one was out, not even old Mrs. Lairen whom seemed to spend her entire life weeding the garden. I mean how many weeds can one garden have? The neighborhood was deserted; it was just me and my task.

Shivering as I pulled on the door handle to Hannah's house I forced myself not to cry. It was pretty hard; I knew what was going to happen next. I just wanted everything to stay the same. I just wanted me and Hannah to be best friends forever. I hate change.

Hannah called from the dinning room immediately, not yet aware of my mood. Her green eyes were fixed on the TV screen; she was hunched over a bowl of macaroni and cheese- her favorite snack. I walked over to the TV set and flicked the power button off. I really just wanted to get this over.

"Hey- what did you do that for?" She was indignant; Hannah had a bit of a temper. Though I knew it was really nothing.

I took another deep breath and cursed the line of moisture that threatened to tip over my eyes. I knew once that started I wouldn't be able to get my news out. She knew at once something was up. She walked towards me, her macaroni ignored, hands on her hips.

The words tumbled out of my mouth as fast as I could push them, I was staring at my feet all the while. Only once they were out did I allow myself to look up.

She was beside herself. Her eyes flashed and she wore that ready to kill expression I had seen on her face so many times. Her knuckles, still firmly clutched at her hips, were turning white. "Get out of my house right now Samantha Moore. Get out!"

I hurried as fast as I could, without a backwards glance. I knew Hannah, she would be fine in a few days. She would forgive me, I knew how she thought. I hoped I did at least... I waited outside her house for a few minutes until Hannah's mom pulled up in the driveway.

"Hey Sam dear, is Hannah not home? Are you locked out?" I liked Hannah's mom, she had always been so nice to me. I couldn't tell her, I just couldn't.

I forced myself to smile, hoping she couldn't see my tear stained checks from the car. "No, no I'm... quite fine. I-I was just leaving actually." What else could I do then, but leave?

It took a few days longer than I anticipated, but Hannah did finally come around. Even that short of a time was harder without my friend than I could have imagined. I was going to miss her so much.

Hannah, my strong Hannah. She walked up to me without a trace of sadness of her face, she was perfectly composed. "You know nothing could replace you in my heart Sam. Nothing. No matter where you live, or what school you go too, you will foremost and forever be my best friend."

Now I'm no where near as strong as Hannah, I burst in to tears at this. She knew though, she knew I would. She just hugged me and slipped a tissue into my hand. How would I live without her?

I struggled not to cry, back in reality. How would I live without her? Hannah had been everything to me. Now I had no one. No one here would even look at me. I took one more futile glance around the hall, no one dared to meet my eye. My thoughts returned back to my last weeks at home.

Hannah and I hadn't said anything more about me moving. It seemed to be the depressing subject that we stayed away from. Not even her family mentioned it. We went about to all of our old hangouts and hideouts anyways. "Just because," Hannah said, but I knew it was my chance to say goodbye. We visited our old elementary school, the community center where we used to have ballet lessons, the Starbucks where we used to go get a drink after school. We went everywhere. I felt like I was trying to lose myself in the only home I had ever known.

Eventually that day did come. It was somewhat nicer than the blistery day that told Hannah. It was spring, and the trees were blooming and the birds were singing. It looked like a perfectly wonderful day. It felt like Armageddon.

My little brother Jamie ran about, counting down the minutes until we would be gone. It didn't help much. He's seven and this, according to him, was the most exciting thing in the entire world. Nothing so big and eccentric had ever happened in his tiny life. He was ecstatic. I felt a bit ill. Hannah was there to say goodbye, but already felt a thousand miles away from her. This just couldn't be happening. We stood next to each other in the driveway, staring loathingly at the moving truck. Neither of us seemed to be able to find anything to say. There was nothing left to be put to words. Nothing, but goodbye and I wasn't ready for that.

My mom and dad seemed ready enough to leave. They were anxiously overseeing the loading of the last few items on the truck. Apparently the movers weren't handling the roller desk with enough care. Jamie stood triumphantly in front of the locked front door that would never be turned by my hand again.

The movers were finished, the car was packed, mom was in the car and dad was gesturing for me and Jamie. It was time to go.

She just smiled at me. A strong, loving smile. "Remember nothing will ever replace you in my heart." She giggle a bit. Then I think we both cried, I don't know- I couldn't see through my tears.

"Goodbye," I said, still a bit out of control.

"Goodbye," she said. That was all it took, that was all I needed. I think we both cried then, I don't know- I couldn't see through my tears.

I didn't know what else to say. There was nothing left. So I hugged her with all my heart, smiled and ran to the car and watched her disappear. I didn't say anything, but she understood.

Now, nearly one full month later I walked down the halls of a new school filled with new people, and no Hannah. The first bell rang for my first class. With a heavy heart I looked at my map then my schedule to make sure I had the right room. A couple of seats were taken, but I found a desk that seats two empty near the back. I wasn't feeling too welcome or friendly as of yet.

The bell rang again signaling the beginning of class. The classroom was full and yet no one had sat next to me. The English teacher began to introduce herself. I sighed, so far this was a lonely year.

A latecomer scrambled through the door, nearly chopping her backpack in the process and tripping over a mislaid book. The class chuckled silently and the girl flashed a smiled at the class.

"Am I late then?" She asked with her eyes sparkling.

The teacher sighed and motioned for her to take a seat. "Of course your late Miss Lantec," she sighed as if this was only to be expected.

"Oh- just so we're on track then!" She flashed another smile and strode straight to me and took a seat. "Hey you must be new- I'm Miranda Lantec by the way." She whispered this all very fast once the teacher turned away. "Is this going to be a good year or what?" She gave me a strong smile.

I smiled back. Who knew, maybe it would be.

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