Introduction – A note from Razorwind's Angel

Hey people, it sure has been a while hasn't it?

This here is my first original novel. It also just so happens to be my Senior Project for high school. Now for those of you privileged people who don't have to do such a thing as a SP to graduate, I'll explain this. Senior Project is basically a school-year (8 to 9 months) long project that each Senior at our school has to do. We choose a project of some kind that will take more than 15 hours to complete, will have a physical product of some kind, a research paper that goes along with it, and has to have a challenge rating higher than five. We also have to have a mentor who's skilled in whatever field it is that we're working in, and once all is said and done we have to present it to a board of judges. They will then grade our presentation, final product, ect…and determine whether or not we get to graduate.

Well, being me a naturally chose something in the field of writing, but I think I might have gone a little overboard…*laughs nervously* That's just like me, hu?

Instead of getting my limit set at how many chapters my novel was going to be, my mentor decided pages would be best. After arguing about it for about a half an hour (I was the one who wanted to go by chapters), we finally came down to a decision.

Now I'm writing a 200+ page novel about a girl who discovers that she is a feline shifter (like a werewolf, only she's a weretiger). Of course since it's two hundred pages, there's going to be a lot more to the story line than just that! Not to mention knowing me and my skills, I will undoubtedly surpass that by Oral Boards…

Anyway, as I began working on this I decided that part of my research paper would focus on reader response to this topic, and my writing style. So that's why I'm putting it up here on good ol' FF.N. As I have parts of the story edited and as I continue on with the chapters I will post whatever work I have done up here and hopefully get some good response.

So, here it is, my first original novel.

Now on to the disclaimers and warnings.

Disclaimers: Forest Anderson is not mine. Yes, I did cheat a little and borrow one character for this story but I needed her. However she has been used WITH permission from Elf, so don't try to steal her from me or you'll get two very ticked off females chasing ya down! If there are any fans of the ex-group *sniff sniff* Five, you'll notice there's a character named Rich Dobson. I did kinda use Ritchie Neville's physical description, pen name, and birthplace for this story, but Rich Dobson (the character) is still completely mine! As far as I know Ritchie isn't a Necromancer who slays vampires…well okay I would hope not. That would just be weird.  Speaking of Rich…I am really hoping that his accent doesn't really confuse anybody, or his sister's for that matter. English accents are hard to write!!!

Rika, Azerith, Mika, Marianne. and all other characters in this story are also mine. DON'T STEAL 'EM! Hey…for once I'm not beating off lawyers! This is fun!

Warnings: I'm keeping this PG-13 this time simply for the Oral Boards. I really don't want to not graduate on account of making an R rated story. But there is still MILD language, semi-satanic dealings (vampires, end of the world type crap, you know, the usual…), and some serious violence in some parts.

Anything else? Well yeah…this is the only time I'm doing an Author's note. I want to keep this as close to the finished product for Oral Boards as possible. That's why this one is so long. So if you have any questions put them in the review with an e-mail address and I'll try my best to clear things up in an e-mail.

And one more thing…I'm gonna get killed for this but…any fans of Far Off Dawn or Angel Eyes 2: Blood Lines will have to be patient with me. Those stories will have to be postponed for a short time until I can get a break in my hectic senior life.

Here is the part where I have to beg. *gets down on hands and knees* PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE review!!! I NEED reviews for this story! If you like it, don't like it, hell even if you're indifferent, PLEASE!!!!!! Any and all opinions matter at this point and I need them badly! *gets up and brushes self off* k. I'm done.

That should be about it. *cracks knuckles* Let's get down to it, shall we?