A/N: I wrote this poem in ten minutes when the whole thing just came to me (I love it when that happens). In any case, it's kind of personal, so let's not flame it too much, okay? Thanks!


The sky was beautiful that night
We ran laughing down the streets.
The stars were destiny's sparkling diamonds
Fating us to meet.

The radio played haunting tunes,
Too fitting to our lives
How one day's fateful meeting
So changed yours and mine.

A connection that held innocent love
When we were too young to know
It traveled across deep waters
And lasted through pain and sorrow.

And so we were running in the streets
For I may never again see your face
I may never hear your voice again,
And never your kiss will I taste.

And now the blackness settles down
A heavy blanket with feathered wings
Still our connection I can feel
And the radio still sings.