The Brave

My name is Edwin,
I fell from the sky.
Into this ancient world,
Of this I do not lie.
The world is new,
Without modern corruption.
Where the sword equals purpose,
And sorcery the only disruption.
Something had approached,
While I was dreaming.
The grass darkened to black,
The sun no longer gleaming.
This doesn't happen now,
Only in days of old.
And here I have nothing,
I only feel the cold.
Now it stands before me,
I am drenched in its shade.
Here stands a dragon in the mist,
Like one only a wizard must have made.
This just plain doesn't occur,
I have finals in a few weeks.
I live in a house with two stories,
With a stair complete with creaks.
But still I hold up my blade,
My bravery manifest.
I feel the past come forth,
My skill now at its best.
The darkness reigns true,
The battle going fierce.
I leapt and threw doubt to the winds,
And swung fast to pierce.

I was flung from the covers,
To smash onto the hard floor.
There I realized my mistake,
Got dressed and dashed out the door.