Hillary – Pilot

It was the year 3000 and NASA had just finished building a base on the moon Europa. The base was small and held 50 scientists. Of course with any base there were always dangers. These dangers showed up on Urbine. It wasn't that lucky of a base. During its two-year life span it sustained many faults. It lost power for a day, heat for three days, and now the worst has come.

It was early one morning when Marc Tills came in and was receiving a constant message from Urbine. It was saying, "Help us, please!" He called in his supervisors and they got every man there to try to contact it. Nothing was coming in but they knew that they had to be ok. After tons of tries they got a weak signal. They decided that this was enough.

Earl Tidman the head of NASA decided that he would prepare a launch to go to the base. He picked the best crew that there was. It consisted of Hillary Dyar who would be the pilot, Austin Taylor who was in charge of communications, Tara McWaters who was the onboard doctor, Max Walters who was with Tara for experiments and EVA's, and the commander was Parker Rowland.

The shuttle Desdimona was to launch in a two days. The crew was set aside incase of an emergency like this. They were ready to go and help save the people. People started packing the shuttle with all the supplies that they would need.

They just now got the mission objective. They would be gone a month. Two weeks to get there and two weeks back. They would land and get the people and get out. If any problems came through then they were to get out of there with out the people.

The launch date was here and the launch went perfect. They got up and did some orbits before they left. They had to make sure that everything was ok because there was no turning back. Everything checked out ok.

The got in line and turned on the supersonic boosters. They were off at a speed faster than light. The shuttle was doing well and the crew was too. When they got near the Mars base they radioed them to see if Urbine had made any contact with them. The Mars base said, "Just a few weak signals".

Desdimona was almost there. They would land the shuttle for two hours and then get out of there. Since they didn't know what was going on they had to be careful.

They reached their destination. They could see the base faintly from where they were. Then they got clearance from the Mars base and headed in. They landed ok and then docked. They didn't take any chances. They went into the base wearing their EVA suits.

Everything in the base was scattered around. Then they noticed that the emergency doors had dropped. They looked around for anybody but couldn't find anyone. They got on the intercom and paged an APB. They waited for five minutes then they got someone.

They asked the person for their location and what their status was. They were all ok and had plenty of air and food. The problem was where they were hiding. It was in the middle sector. There was no way to get to it that was safe. All the sectors around it had been hit.

They called NASA and Mars Base and tried figuring out things. They were given the key code to lift the emergency doors. They were told where to find a map of the place. They got it and looked at it. There was one possible way to get to the people.

They could crawl through the air ducts. This was dangerous thought because they didn't know if the ducts went through the damaged sector. What if the weight of all the people made the ducts collapse? They had no answers but had to get a solution quickly.

They decided to go with this plan. They would send two astronauts through. Tara and Parker, they were the smallest and would move faster. They had to go now so they would have a better chance.

They took of the vent cover and Parker Went first, and then Tara came. They started going through the maze of tunnels. They marked the walls that needed to be followed. After thirty minutes of moving they found the right area. They got out and checked on all the people. Everyone was ok, and everyone was there. They decided to send two people through the tunnels following their markings.

All the people were out and safe. They all packed into the shuttle and got ready to take off. The launch was very rough but they made it ok. They had to make it to the Mars Base and then they would stop and land.

When they got to the Mars Base they were all taken to the infirmary and made sure that they were ok. Of course everyone was. A few of the scientist stayed on the Mars Base and the rest came back to Earth with them.

They made it to Earth ok. They were all rewarded on their bravery. Now they had to answer one question, would they go back when the base was rebuilt?