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Chapter One: Kordell

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! I hit the alarm clock as it continuously went off.

"5:30 Already!" I said as I yawned. I got up and got ready for my shower since I had to be to work by 7 AM. I took a warm shower, got dressed, jumped into my 2002 Millennium Blue Lexus, and headed off to Nike Enterprises. When I got there I went up to the 5th floor to my office. I came to my office door and stood there a while to admire my office sign:

Kordell Jackson

CEO of Nike Enterprises

I stood there for a while with a little grin. Five years at this job and it still had that effect on me. Kimberley, my secretary came from around the corner.

"Good morning Mr. Jackson. How are you this morning?" she asked me cheerfully.

"Fine, thanks Kimberley", I said. Kimberley was a petit young lady in her mid 20's. She wore glasses that complimented her small face and today she wore a new red suit that complimented her bittersweet bronze skin tone. Today she wore her hair loose and long on her shoulders. Today she looked good. It must have been a special day since she never wore her hair down. It looked nice on her. I've always loved her long hair.

"Kimberley, you look nice this morning. Special occasion?", i asked.

"Well yes, I'm going to meet my boyfriend at the airport after work. He's just getting back from LA and I want to surprise him. Do you think it's too much? You know my hair and this new outfit?", she asked hesitantly.

"No, it looks nice on you. I'm sure Michael will love it. Nothing surprises a man more than a beautiful woman to greet him from a long journey!", I told her with a comforting smile.

"Thanks!", she said appreciatively. I went to sit at my desk as Kimberley called out my schedule. Today I would be busy, especially since it was Monday.

It was now 10:30 and I had just ended a meeting with the CEO of the Nike Enterprises in Boston. We had to decide on our next shoe prices, etc., business stuff. I had just ended the meeting since it was my lunch break. I sat at my desk and called my best friend Kemontae. We were both busy men. He also worked at Nike Enterprises, but he worked in the department where they actually made the shoes. He types invoices, made appointments, took counts, did daily checkups on the shoe making, etc. He was like a brother to me. We do almost everything together. We take lunch at the same time. We drive the exact same car except his is black. His office phone rang twice before he picked it up.

"Hello. Mr. Armstrong speaking."

"Hi Mr. Armstrong, this is your best friend Mr. Jackson. Do you want to go to the gym with me after work?", I said properly.

"Hey, Kordell! What's up?", he said surprised. I almost never call him at work because he's never in his office.

"Nothing much! So you wanna go to the gym?"

"I'd love to bro but I already promised Lisa dinner tonight."

"You still with that ol' chicken head girl!?!"

"Yeah, but I think I'm going to let her go tonight. She's getting that itch."

"What, she still talking about marriage?"

"Yeah, but it's worse now. We're getting into fights about it. I just think it's time, you know?"

"Yeah, I guess, but you can't be a bachelor all your life."

"Fine, but I ain't marrying her!"

"Well who?"

"I don't know. In high school I never had this problem!"

"Yeah because you were going out with Tamika. Everyone could have sworn you two would never break up."

"Yeah, but I messed that up trying to be a damn player. If she isn't married, I would sho nuff try to get that back! Someone probably already got that!! Good women almost never stay on the market."

"You will find one!"

"Yeah, hopefully! Look, you wanna go to the gym tomorrow?"

"Alright, I'll call you tomorrow to confirm."

"OK, see you then, Bye." He hung up.

"Back to work, lunch time is over!", Kimberley said as she knocked.

"OK", I said smiling.

It was 2:00 and work was over for me today since I only had a 15 minute lunch and no more meetings. I just decided to leave early. I gave Kimberley the rest of the day off and transferred our phones to the second secretary, Mercedes (Benzie) Boulevardez. I decided to still go to the gym even though Kemontae wasn't going with me. I stayed there for about an hour and then I went home for a shower. After my shower I ate, and watched TV until I fell asleep, since I hardly ever have a woman to entertain. I am pretty good looking, if I may say so myself, but I don't think I attract the kind of woman I want. I look like a fun live life on the edge type, even though I am a workaholic, and that is what most people think of me. In high school it was the same thing. There was this one girl but I was afraid to talk to her. I thought that she thought what everyone else thought about me and I didn't want to disappoint her. Her name was Jordan Jamison. Her best friend, Tamika, called her J.J. or Jay. She had short hair and a nice slender body. i usually went for girls with naturally long hair, but for Jordan i made an exception. I remember how I use to stand by my locker for 5 minutes each morning just to see her walk by me. Just to see what see would wear, how she would wear her thick, soft, short hair. I had it bad for her. I would fantasize about her all the time. It would break my heart to hear about her going out with anyone else. In high school, I could have sworn she was the prettiest girl in school even though Kemontae disagreed. She was smart too; in all honors classes. So was I but I didn't make straight A's like her, but I got by. Just by watching her I could tell she would go far. She was nice, kind, and sweet. She would always approach me but every time I spoke to her I would get choked up. Our conversations wouldn't last very long but they wer very special, even if they were just about school. Maybe if my self-esteem wasn't so low back then I could have spoken to her about anything. Most people did. She was just that kind of person. I didn't tell Kemontae that I liked her until after school was over, and sadly, when him and Tamika broke up. I was afraid that it would spread all over the school and get back to her. Back then, I was very self-conscience. After graduation Kemontae helped me build up my self-esteem. It took him a whole year, but now I am much better. he sometimes calls me conceited. If I saw Jordan now I would know exactly how to handle myself. Last I heard, she moved away so there is no chance of that happening now. Even if I did run into her, she is probably married. Like Kemontae said, good women almost never stay on the market. Maybe if Kemontae would have helped me with my self-esteem problem sooner, I wouldn't be so lonely. I get tired of entertaining woman who are not my type. I fell asleep dreaming about Jordan. her lips, her eyes, her voice. I fell asleep with the sound of her caressing every part of me. The depth of her wooed me in every which way.