My hands, covered in the dark crimson blood. My mind asking questions for my heart to answer. The blood, his blood. I drop he silver blood on the black and white diamond floor. I walk out the door.

Just leaving the pool of blood and the lifeless body of him. His screams echoing in my empty soul, killed by him.

I leave, I leave, I leave. I walk down the sidewalk, the blood freezing to my skin on this winter night. I just walk.walk to what? Only he knew. My heart burning with hate, walks from my body to lay with his in the dark crimson blood of my guilt, my past, my life.

My name being screamed by God and the Devil, trying to turn me into what I could never be.good or evil. I killed a man, a man, a man. My only answer to live was to kill.

This is my first attempt at a short story.sorry if its terrible. I should be writing chapters to why she did it, and what happens after.