When I was young
my life was easy
all I thought about
was what I'd do next.

I never thought ahead an hour
and of course never a day
all I wanted to do was play
and have fun.

As I grew my thoughts changed
I began to think ahead
and wonder what would happen
if I did this or that.

I began to realize
that I wasn't only changing
my friends were too
some were getting too popular
to hang out with me.

Soon the fights began
over who were friends
and who were not
even though most were stupid
at the time they made sense.

As we grew older still
you'd think we'd realize
how childish our fights were
and we'd make up
and be friends again.

Of course nothing happens
the way we expect it to
life is always spinning
like a roller-coaster
you never know where it will stop
and what will be there when it does.

When we come to high school
life becomes tougher still
people move away
and some change further
people are turn apart forever.

Soon I realized that
people judged one another
for outer characteristics
and since I was blond
I was thought to be stupid.

You may think
you know someone
and that their your friend
but once you turn your back
you may have to think again.

Then friendships
you thought were unbreakable
pull apart with such ease
that you wonder if you were
ever really friends.

The best of friends
become worst enemies
and enemies become
your best friends.

You try to apologize
and they shoot it down
before you speak a word
insults are thrown at you
and friendships that
might have been mended
are forever broken and lost.