Here, at the caucus,
Rising quiet above the ruckus,
Conflicting sentience revealing
The emotions that I'm feeling:

Bred by David, Genius,
Always leading us,
Protecting pride, never at a rest,
From being any less than best.

And Chaucy, violent, agressive
Argues more when we're recessive,
Antagonizing, communist,
Chaucy is our pessimist.

And the delighter, Renzo,
Acts a part wherever we go,
Being dishonest to others,
In defence of his sentient brothers.

Plato, the ever joyous,
Happy, energetic, boyish,
Bright and cheery, and undaunted,
By powers other sentients flaunted.

And Solomon, who cares not to live,
Depressed and ever negative,
Anxious, weeping and complaining,
E'er in melancholy remaining.

Roman, idealistic lover,
Weak, degraded by the others,
Infatuated at a whim,
We all think little of him.

Laudis, praiser, and reverer,
Spiritual, religious forever,
Searching for his celestial presence,
In his god and in his reverence.

Finally, Ushio, calculator,
Ushio, swordsman, navigator,
Ushio's always by our side,
And ne'er a sentiment deride,

Ushio, in defence,
Of our sensitive sentiments,
Acts with sober thought, more humble,
Lest the other visions stumble.

"And," Says chaucy to the rest,
grinning and stroking his breast,
"I would like to deride Roman,
Because he's done it once again!"

"Roman, impure, and a sinner,
"Piety grows e'er thinner,"
Says Laudis, "When infatuation,"
"Causes such moral degredation."

Ushio stands upright and says,
"Roman can fairly love the days,
"Leave him be, he's bright for one,
"Unlike the weeping solomon.

"Solomon," smiling, says Renzo,
"I believe I think I know,
"You need me to help you play,
"out your anxiety today."

David stands up, and, quite prideful,
Says, in a tone quite snideful,
"Roman causes his dissatisfaction,
"With his unsober, loving faction."

Laudis looks and agrees, saying
"If we would all spend more time praying-"
At this every person groans,
Even Ushio silently moans.

Now stands Plato, and replies
"In my ingenius eyes,
"Every sentience, except Ushio,
"And myself, are quite unuseful!

David jumps in: "I resolve,
"Starting with Renzo, to dissolve,
"Each but the aforementioned,
"To remove the rank dissention!"

Renzo: "David, heaven barr!
"After I made you what you are!
"You relied on The part I played
"For every thing you've ever said!"

Now stands Ushio: "Enough!"
Chaucy, trying to look tough,
Says "There's never reservation,
"David's genius is imagination!"

And Ushio sighed and said,
To himself "I'll soon be dead.
"How can a body calculate,
"Amid this stuttering prelate?"