Just a little exercise in making a nondescript man glorious...see if you can pinpoint which features I'm describing in each stanza...it shouldn't be too hard!


Shakespeare's 'black wires'
do you no justice.
Lively rain dances and
fat black drops;
the clouds are raining mascara.

After the rainbow,
mud turns to quicksand,
devouring everything and
beckoning me to drown
in its murky brown depths.

Soon, when the grass dries,
I can break out
the cardboard boxes
to slide down
the hills in your backyard.

And there
I found two palm trees,
their life lines running deep.
Peerless yet grounded,
their power encloses me

and brings me back down to earth,
'when do we next meet?'

The last verse is awkward, but I needed to close it (I was running out of glorious words). Again, please review! ^_^