Movie Romance

I see all the movies,

Of love and romance,

They find one another,

And give it a chance

They give me the hope of a day,

A day not far away,

The day I will find the one,

To make my movie romance

I will find the one,

To make my love scene come true,

I will find the one,

To be with the whole day through

Movie Romance,

Is the only love I know,

Movie Romance,

I'll have in my heart, unknown,

Movie Romance,

I will have in my life someday

Like a rose,

It unfolds,

To show it's pure light,

It's true meaning

I want that,

In my life,

I want a meaning,

For my heart

It might start out,

They don't know what each other's about,

They might fight and resist,

But in the end they couldn't exist

She falls into his arms,

He holds her close,

They say to each other,

"I'll never let you go"

Someday in the distance,

I see my love waiting for me,

Waiting to take me into the sunset sky,

Waiting for that happy ending

I want it like in the movies,

Where I'll always have my happy endings,

Where I'll always find my only love,

Where I'll always find you

I want you with me,

In my life,

Be in my movie,

Be my light,

Be by my side,

Be my movie romance