Do You Know Me?

If you looked me in the eyes tonight,

Could you know what I was thinking?

If you walked by me in the halls,

Would you shout my name?

Do you know me,

From top to bottom?

Do you know me,

At all?

Would take the time to find out,

Who I really am?

When I first saw you,

I knew you were the one,

The one I would be with forever

I tracked your every move,

Finding out who you are,

But now I know that was a mistake

You don't know my class,

You don't know what I'm like,

You don't even know my name

You act like you don't care,

And maybe you don't,

I thought you would be the one,

I was with all my life

Do you know me?

Could you ever try?

I thought this would last…

But I guess it wasn't love you thinking of…