Black Devil
Tim Blake

It was night.
Pitch black.
About the time of 2.
I awoke or so I thought, to scratching.
Scratching at my window.
I looked.
I saw, what can I say?
It was something of Hell.
I don't think, I know.
It was a small creature, black and devilish.
It's arms and fingers were thin and long.
Scratching at my window.
"Black Devil",
I thought.
"What do you want?"
As I squinted at the scratching,
The scratching at my window,
instead of the scratching,
The scratching at my window
I heard a hissing.
A hissing at my side.
I looked up, and that Black Demon,
that damned Black Demon.
leaped at me.
Everything went white.
A flash of white.
I looked around, everything was slanted.
Was this true?...
Or was this dream?...
I ask... because...
I was awake,
wide awake, and really awake the whole long time.