Dog of Dobbinton
Tim Blake

Dear dog of Dobbinton
I've known you since you were four.
From a farm, where there was no shore.
You came to me,
and I went "Hee, hee, hee, hee".
Dear dog of Dobbinton
Where have you gone?
It was when you were here, that the sun had shone.
One day, I came home from a drive
And you were gone, like a bee from a hive.
I figured you'd come back, as you always would,
and I pulled up my hood,
and waited.
I waited, and waited, and you never came.
My family said it was a shame.
Dear dog of Dobbinton, please come back
come back home, to our little shack.
It has been long now, that you went away,
and I still wait, sitting in the hay.
I miss you, oh dog of Dobbinton
but far away, far away,
you shall stay.