Zache Israil's world was all so simple; but far too different from your lives. In the Grand World of Churbaxia, everything is a large colony of ants; a collective of large intellectual leaders, each playing a strikingly large role in the protection of Churbaxia, filling themselves in a meeting every two full moons. Many thieves ran amok this world in search of higher power. Zache had grown up in a small town known as Tikogen. (TICKOJIN) He was born in the Kulaak, also known as the ranch. His father, Hibla, and his mother Jiban, were both members of the High Power Committee. (Which is the group of continental leaders.) Zache's parents, twisted and demented over their own power, joined a pack of spies in high power in order to destroy the HPC (High Power Committee.) and end rule over Churbaxia. The reason for this was to take all the resources out of the planet and sell them to an Industry Species known as the Cablo. (Kabloa.) With this alien money, the pack of spies (Known as the Dark Council of Four.) could buy a mining drill large enough to take the planet's life away, in order to sell it. After selling the planet the Dark Council could gain energy out of the money by training. Before you think that this Dark Council of spies is evil, there are four watchers above. One is Bogarn, his black magic could create anything of pure evil… The second is Yannin, the power over gravity this one has. The third is Mojed, with the powers of the first two. The last is Nokarbegyun, who has the power over all of these things and all of their powers, plus the power over all. When on a spy mission, Hibla and Jiban were attacked and killed- by both sides. This was when Zache was just three years old. Nokarbegyun was narrowing everyone down to nineteen year old Zache- his girlfriend Ninnay, his farm master Nragob, and his fighting teacher Dejom- or so they say. Now it is the time of the two full moons, and Zache has been called to the HPC. . .

Book 1, Chapter 1

Since the HPC wants to practically see through you, they want you to be your normal self. Zache went through Feban Meadow to get to the blue brick building of the HPC. But why had the HPC called upon him? Why would they need him? I guess he'll find out. At the occurrence of reaching the HPC building, he pushed the button on the gate. "Who is there?" a rather squeaky voice said. Zache cracked his knuckles and said, "It's me, Zache Israil." "Come on in!" the squeaky voice said as the gates opened. Zache scratched his nose and walked through the gate to the building's secret (or supposedly) door. Zache used the retinal and finger print scanner. As the door pushed open, Zache took a peek inside. The lights seemed to be off and there was some sort of elegant and fancy room decorations all over. "Hah," Zache said. "Turn on the lights now. . .," he continued. The lights flicked on and a voice said, "Close the door now." Zache pulled the door closed and marveled at what was really in there. It was some sort of giant asteroid, with a yellow light flaming around it. It stood up straight and had some sort of small moon-like crater indented on the top of it. The flames suddenly shot out like horns. . . "What is it?" Zache asked. "It's one of the Dark Council members," the squeaky voice guy said. "Oh yes, I forgot to introduce myself," the squeaky voice guy said. "My name is L'Belkis," L'Belkis said. L'Belkis was wearing strange clothes- some sort of black cape with a shoulder piece that came around his neck. But most of all, he was wearing some sort of battle armor and a medieval helmet. This must have been the leader of Thumok, the Eastern continent. The leader of Zache's continent, Muktoz (in the South West), was known as G'Forlin. Each Churbaxian that was going to be a member of the HPC or a leader of a continent would always have a letter, an apostrophe, and the rest of their name. This way, the Churbaxians would know who to honor and respect. The special feature of the High Power Committee's members was that they all excelled in every single subject, including fighting. This is why they are called the High Power Committee, due to the massive strength the have in fighting. The HPC had also been known for making machines that would protect the planet at all costs. Infact, right now one of the HPC's machines had protected air depletion, that had almost been caused by one the Dark Council. "Yes, well we think that this is the member of the Dark Council that attempted air depletion on this planet," L'Belkis said. "Why is the Dark Council trying to kill us?" Zache asked. "And how can a rock be a person?" Zache continued. "First, the Dark Council doesn't really care about us, they're just trying to destroy all the inhabitants and sell the planet, and then to use the money for power training. Then after training thoroughly, they will rule over the universe. Whether you think so or not, they are living things. They use telepathic powers to control things, unlike us, where we use physical powers," L'Belkis answered. Zache scratched his rib, looking up at the rock. "So does it have a name?" Zache asked. "Tell me, does Yannin sound farmiliar?" L'Belkis asked. "It sort of does, but I don't know why. . .," Zache answered. "Take a seat on the couch over there on the door, I think this will take a while," L'Belkis said. Zache went over and sat on the grey, gold lined couch. L'Belkis walked over to one of the workers in a lab coat. L'Belkis looked down at the badge he was wearing, then back at him. Zache could hear L'Belkis say something about a scan, and some sort of disguise. The worker slowly looked over L'Belkis' shoulder. The worker tapped on some sort of gizmo and looked at L'Belkis, shaking his head. The worker started taking notes about the large egg-shaped rock. L'Belkis just leaned on the semi-structure railing. L'Belkis look at Zache, then back at the worker. He looked at his badge again. Zache saw him clench his fists and tear the badge off. Then L'Belkis hit him across the face and aimed his sword at the worker's neck. "There's a spy here!" L'Belkis said bringing his sword closer to the worker's neck. Three security guards ran to the worker, picked her up and smashed her across the face with their metal bars. The worker sagged on to the floor. L'Belkis started talking to the security guard about the spy. The guard picked up the spy and dragged her away by her dark hair. The whole time, this incident left Zache wondering what exactly happened. Like how could a spy get in this high of security building? And who could have sent the spy? His questions were about to be answered, by someone he did not expect at all. . . *****

L'Belkis approached the couch that Zache was sitting on. "It seems we have a spy in the building," L'Belkis said. "Do you know who it was sent by?" L'Belkis asked. "The Dark Council?" Zache suggested. "Yes, exactly what I am thinking. Also I think the purpose of all this is that the Dark Council took note that Yannin here was missing, so they sent one of their spies," L'Belkis said. "Infact, I think you know who this fellow is," L'Belkis continued. "Follow me," he finished. L'Belkis swiped his cape out of the way and gestured Zache to follow him across the room. Zache had a strange feeling come over him as he passed Yannin. Zache and L'Belkis entered the blue concrete corridor ever so silently. "How would you know that I know this spy?" Zache asked. "In each person's file in the scanners there is a file that tells about family and friends," L'Belkis answered. "People these days never get any privacy," Zache said. "Ah yes, but this information may help protect the world, as the files tell how powerful the person is," L'Belkis said, looking at one of the doors pass by. "Yes, Zache, I think no one that you know has died," L'Belkis said. "What makes you come to that conclusion?" Zache asked. "Take a close look at our visitor," L'Belkis said, opening a metal door leading to some confined cell block. L'Belkis pointed to the cell that the spy was in. Zache immediately knew. He tried to take it all in, to make something out of it, but he couldn't stand it. "Ninnay?!" Zache asked. "Must. . . consume. Must. . . consume," Ninnay chanted. "What?" Zache asked. "She's been possessed by Yannin," L'Belkis said. "She never had a real name. He was possessed at birth. His name is Ninnay. The rock's name is Yannin. Stick the name Yannin in a mirror and see what you get," L'Belkis said. "His name is Yannin? Ninnay! That's where I've heard the name before! Yannin!" Zache said. "Congratulations," L'Belkis said. Zache looked back at Ninnay, who was all hunched up into a ball. "How could you get in here?" Zache asked Ninnay. "Ground," Ninnay said. "They have sensors under the ground," Zache said. "No more," Ninnay said. "What suddenly caused your speaking Churbaxian change?" Zache asked. Ninnay started hitting herself on the head with her hand. Zache looked back at L'Belkis, who his standing there with his arms crossed, then he shrugged. Zache looked back at Ninnay and rubbed his eyes. Zache looked at his Time Keeper. It was XI:I/II. (11:30) Zache swallowed hard and looked around the room, then back at his feet. Then back up at Ninnay. The room was a remarkably shiny blue brick combination with thick metal bars on the cell doors. "Where did you suddenly leave to five years ago?" Zache asked. "Home," Ninnay said. "Home is here in Tikogen," Zache said. "Home is in stars," Ninnay said. "Home is with brothers," Ninnay continued. "You never had brothers," Zache said. "Dark Council are brothers," Ninnay said. "See? That proves it!" L'Belkis said. "Proves what?" Zache asked looking around the T-shaped room. "She was possessed by the Dark Council," L'Belkis said. Zache looked down, scratching the back of his head, and thinking. "You never told me why you called me here, and where did the guards mysteriously disappear to?" Zache asked. "You came here to begin training, and the guards mysteriously disappeared to outside the door," L'Belkis answered. "What sort of training?" Zache asked. "The save-the-world kind of training," L'Belkis said. "Follow me," L'Belkis ordered Zache. Zache once again followed L'Belkis out into the passage. They walked further and further down the hallway, until and abrupt stop in front of a large door. L'Belkis took a key out of the pocket in his plate-armor pants and unlocked the door. Zache then followed L'Belkis into the room. Zache dropped his jaw at the size and shape of the room.