"Zache, there is still one psychic technique for you to learn," Fovs told Zache on the way back to the palace.

". . ."

"It is called Time Slow. You must train both your body and mind to learn this attack. It slows everything around you, but you stay normal speed. If you lean too much to one side, you fall as slow as everything else is going, then it deactivates. Since you are running extra fast, the gravity is reduced somewhat. It takes much physical power, because it is making your mind think everything else but you is slow," Fovs explained.

"Show me this," Zache said.

Fovs hovered about a foot above the ground, and made fists. He leaned his head back and screamed, as orange sparks blew around him.

"DYAH!" He yelled running in a triangle around Zache so fast it made small indents when his foot hit the ground.

Zache felt great winds pushing him in a circle along with Fovs. "W-woah!!"

Dust blew off the ground Zache flipped backward through the air. He was being blown further into the sky by a wind when Fovs stopped for a millisecond and jumped up into the air. He grabbed Zache's arm and flew higher. Fovs turned a 720 degree and threw Zache into the air.

"Wahhh!" Zache shouted, flying through the sky.

Fovs fell on the ground, and Zache was floating in the air. He tried using the move, by speeding himself up, but it didn't work. He called on Yuukinjes and flew to the ground. (POWER'VANCE 30!!) Zache thought. He suddenly powered up.

(POWER'VANCE: TIME SLOW!) He suddenly saw the world, going at least one one-hundredth of the speed it was going.


He ran around Fovs and jumped over him. Zache pushed Fovs over, grabbed his feet, and threw him into a wall of the palace. Though Fovs hadn't hit the palace yet, he was traveling about one fiftieth of what speed he would be going. Zache ran under Fovs, and pushed him into the air.

Oh no no no! Zache tripped and started doing slow forward flips in the air. He landed on his back, and saw Fovs was in the sky. All the time Britainy was wondering what they were doing. Fovs spun around and fired some laser beam at Zache, pushing him further into the air. Zache teleported behind Fovs and grabbed his arms. He spun and threw Fovs to the ground. Fovs landed on his feet, and Zache did too. "In the afternoon we will be going to DC HQ," Fovs said.

"What is our mission there?" Zache asked.

"We are to destroy the DC Zombie Computer. Once we do that, all of the Churbaxians ever possessed will be returned to their normal state. It's not going to be easy, though. I've heard there is major security around there, and some kind of secret weapon or person is guarding the mainframe," Fovs explained.

"What kind of security?"

"I would guess something to surprise the enemy, like a giant Mechanize Robot or. . .," Fovs replied.

"My worst enemy?"


". . ."

"Of course, not only would he want revenge on me, he'd want to find out if there was any other rebellion in the area. He has probably gotten somehow amazingly strong, and he's just waiting for me to come, but maybe HE will come HERE," Zache said.

"Hm, how could he still be in shape to fight you? How many times have you killed him. . .?" Fovs asked.

"Three, counting the time he was brought back to life," Zache answered.

Suddenly Zache remembered killing Mojed, for some reason.


BAMF! Zache was already on Mojed. Zache did a bicycle kick, then pushed hard against his neck, against the area with Ninnay's blood on.

"Hahaha. . . HAHAHA!" Zache laughed evilly as he forced Mojed's mouth open, grabbed his tongue and made him lap up the blood.

"Aagh.. guh!" Mojed yelled.

"What's the matter?" Zache asked, smashing his right foot down on Mojed neck.

Mojed gasped for air, sucking up Ninnay's blood. Mojed coughed out the blood. "You sick little. . .," Mojed said, searching for air.

"Sick little what?" Zache mocked, bashing his hand into Mojed's right temple.

Mojed lashed his right foot into Zache's jewels. (;|)

"Agh!" Zache grunt, stepping back.

Mojed flipped upward, and started creating a Death Chopper secretly behind his back. Zache recovered, though there was a pit in his stomach, and dove at Mojed. Just as Mojed was about to finish. . .

"DIE!" Mojed spun the Death Chopper around like an axe to Zache's head.

WHOOSH! Zache teleported behind Mojed and grabbed the rope of the Death Chopper.

"No!" Mojed shouted.

Zache pulled the rope quickly around Mojed neck, tightly. He quickly flew up, strangling Mojed. He hurled the rope around his head so hard that Mojed could not resist. Zache ducked under the blade as it threw Mojed into the wall of a mountain.

BAMF! Mojed was smashed against the wall. SHINGT! The blade cut right through his ribs and through the mountain. Mojed fell bloodily backward with the blade as the mountain fell on top of his disemboweled body. Blood spilled against the mountain side as he was crushed beyond recognition.

Mojed's waist down was simply hanging out of the crack in the wall. Zache floated toward him.

"Haha!" Zache said, pulled Mojed's legs out.


Zache grabbed his head, and fell to the ground.


"Oh no you don't!" Zache said, jumping at Bogarn.

"No----!" Bogarn shouted.

Zache punched Bogarn in the stomach, and with a mighty clunk, the Death Chopper sawed off the bottom half of his right leg! But the saw just kept on going right through the ground. . . Blood spurted out of Bogarn's leg as he fell backward.

"Curse you, fool!" Bogarn said.

Zache took out Bogarn's always sheathed sword and felt the evil eminate from it. He spun it upside down, threw it like a spear into Bogarn's heart.


"Zache. . ." Fovs said.

Zache got up, noticing a strange power about him. He looked around.

"What the--?" Zache said in shock.

He saw spirits, looking much like the stereotypical ghost, floating around him in a circle in the sky.

"What?" Fovs asked.

"Can't you see them? Things. . . floating in the sky!" Zache pointed to them.

Fovs and Zache looked up at them.

"Ha ha. . . HAHA!" Fovs said.

Zache shot a look down at him. Replacing him was a large humanoid monster with two bulging eyes, and it's back hunched. It seemed at least four times the size of Zache! It laughed, spewing saliva everywhere.

"No. . .!" Zache powered up and chopped the monsters head off with his hand.

Blue blood splatted in his face.

"What power I have. . .!" Zache said.

A flash of light blinded Zache and he looked back at the monster on the ground. He saw plates of crab, bananas, and a turkey dinner for it's head. Though he wasn't hungry, Zache felt a strange urge to eat the food. He ate the delicious meal in two gulps.

"Mmm. . .," Zache said, rubbing his stomach.

But then, Zache felt to stubs on his ribs. He rubbed them more, when quite suddenly, an arm bursted out of each stub!

"Ahh!" Zache yelled, feeling sharp teeth grow in his mouth.

He looked up and saw a green scaley monster with webbed hands and feet. It stared in horror and Zache, who fried it with some fireballs. A blinding light flashed in Zache's eyes, and once again he saw a meal with tasty contents. Again, he was not hungry, but he ate it. And it was his friends he was eating.


He woke up on a bed, sweating. Zache looked around, noticing this was his house. His nose filled with the sent of fresh bacon, and he went downstairs before it was all taken. He found the sizzling plate, and it had met it's fate. He ate half of the meat, and saw doing so was much of a feat.

"Zache, you sure are up late today," A somehow farmiliar voice said.

His mother.

Zache somehow couldn't remember many of the events on his journey.

A knock on the door.

"Oh, that must be your friend," Zache's mom said.

Zache went and opened the door.

"Ninnay, but weren't you. . .!" Zache exclaimed.

"What are you talking about? Well, anyways. . .," Ninnay started talking in the way that she does.

Sweet Christmas. It was. . .

A dream. THE END!!