I think this is the strangest poems I've ever written, at least in terms of the ending. Yeesh...The stanzas don't even match. The first stanza is lonely, the second is...metaphoric, the third is plain and weird, and the fourth...was inspired by Buddhism and Carl Jung. Go figure. Have fun and review! ^_^

Words of Wisdom

I've been abandoned
so you can retrieve
bits and pieces of your conscience,
the ones that you left behind
along with your innocence.

The gap between us
is now filled with cobwebs,
but the spiders haven't stopped,
they're still playing
with our minds.

The plaid you used to wear
hangs in the closet and
slumps on the bed--
I remember you talking
with that hat on your head.

What was it you said to me--
'Don't worry, be happy.'
As if you were
Buddha's appointed guru
for self-actualization.

Um...I hoped you liked it? Heh...^_^