The Slant-Eyed Specter

Oh, but you're still there,
I can see you-
Arms folded across a chest
Covered in funereal black;
With slanted eyes, you
Greet the morning,
Silently and stonily-
And knowing there's no turning back . . .
For Fate has bound you to it
You know
Let go
Embrace that which would destroy you-
Silently and stonily.
The slant-eyed specter
Watching the sun rise in the sky's blue-
You knew why,
Let fly
What might have been before-
And stood undaunted by
The great monomaniac lie,
And also the sharks snapping at your hands
Batting you with their tails
In the ocean's azure lands . . .
Slant-eyed specter,
Substance long ago abandoned-
Oh, but I can still see you-
Slanted tiger-eyes greeting the day
In that stony, silent way
You own;
And have known
That you're only pursuing your death-
Dead the same way as thy master!
Oh shark, but thou art wont to bite
The hand that comforteth thee . . .
Thous slant-eyed specter,
Slender shadow,
Greeting the dawn with thine tiger-eyes
Thou art lost forever
In embracing
Thy fate, rising through monomaniac lies-
And thou knoweth it
Don't care a bit
And in that stony, silent way
Embrace the day
Thine only fate
With slanted tiger-eyes . . .