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Chapter One: James

"Hey Tasha! Can you please do me a favor?", I whispered to Tasha on the football field. It was in a secluded area around the school building, away from the guys. Tasha was short with long sandy brown hair that hung perfectly onto her shoulders. She beautiful brown eyes that poured her soul out to you when you looked into them. She had the figure like a short model. Just right on top and bottom. She was my second choice to Tyra Banks. And she wasn't just beautiful, that's another reason she meant so much to me. She was a good friend and she was sincere. Many nights I had awoken her with my problems and bad dreams, but not once did she ever fuss or say anything that showed that she regretted being so close to me. She was very smart. She majors in arts and drama. She has the voice like an angel, one I could listen to all night. She was a very good actress. I couldn't even tell when she was acting from when she's not. She's been in plays but nothing big. I have always had a crush on her and I tell her how I feel, but she doesn't like to hear it. She doesn't want us to be nothing more but friends. I think she is afraid of losing our friendship but I never say anything about it. I know that one-day I will be able to express my feelings whole-heartedly and that she would return the feelings. I don't know how I know but sometimes I could feel a spark of that feeling in her when she speaks to me. I know she tries to hide it, but I always pay attention.

"What is it James, and why are we whispering?", she asked curiously.

"Can you pretend to be my girlfriend in front of the guys.", I asked.

"What?! No!", she said as she turned away towards the jocks.

"Please just for a few days?", I said as I grabbed her arm tugging her towards me.

"How many days?", she asked.




"Why do you need me to do this anyway? What have you gotten yourself into?"

"Well...", I said rubbing the back of my neck," I kind of blabbed to the guys about that I had a girlfriend and I was describing her to them. It just so happens that you kind of fit the description.", I said.

"Just so happens huh!", she said unbelievingly.


"Uh-huh! All right I'll do it but you owe me. Double fudge Sunday, with double dips!", she said pointing a finger at me.

"Thank You!" , I said smiling. She began to walk toward the field.

"Wait. Let me run back and you pretend like you just got here when I get over there.", I said right before I ran towards the team. I got to the field by the guys and immediately got into stretching position. My best friend Billy asked me what took me so long and I told him I was taking a leak. He nodded his head in an okay nod. About 2 minutes later I saw this fine figure walking towards the team, and me. The guys had already stopped exercising one by one as she got closer. She didn't even look nervous. She stopped to talk to the coach and then called me over to her in front of the whole team.

"Hey, baby", I said to her as we embraced in a hug.

"Hey baby, I just came to see if you wanted me to pick you up from practice today?", she asked.

"Yeah. Practice is over at 7."

"Okay, well I'll be waiting for you at the front, bye!", she said as she turned to walk away.

"Tasha, I said let me introduce you to the guys.", I said to her. I don't know why but I didn't feel like I flaunted her enough. I wanted to show her off more. It didn't seem like we had a real relationship to me. I urged for more. I was almost finished with all the introductions to the guys.

"And Tasha last but, not least, this is Billy.", I said.

"It's very nice to meet you all but I really gotta get going.", she said.


"I'll be back at 7 to pick you up, okay?"

"Okay, bye", I said to as her we gazed into each other's eyes in front of the guys.

" Ohh come on. Give him some lip!", one of the guys yelled. The rest of the guys agreed. She gave me this look that said 'Say something to get us out of this" but, when she saw that I wasn't going to say anything she just smiled and we kissed. At first it was slow but, she got into it pretty quickly and some tongue sneaked into our innocent lip lock. The guys were making noises and this kiss lasted about a minute. It was the best minute of my life. After she pulled away from the kiss. She smiled at me dreamingly.

"Bye.", she said as she turned to walk away.

"Bye, Baby", I said as I gave her a little slap on the butt as she left. She turned to give me this 'I'm gonna fix you later' look but, it didn't matter to me. Nothing mattered to me now. I had gotten what I wanted and nothing would remove me from my cloud of happiness and bliss, or so I thought.