One Monday, Me and my fellow annoyances went to the big place with fish. Oh so many fish there were! And Sea Mammals! IT WAS THE GATHERING OF THE MAMMALS! Ahem, yes. So me and 3 other kids who were doing their gosh darned best to avoid me and my spookyness, ran around the gigantic fish tank of poked the glass, yelling "FISH FISH FISH!" like the immature hooligans we were (And still are! Yay!). We! Lots O' fish! The little children were gasping in fear from the size of these fish! Many of them suffered premature heart attacks! Heehaw! So then I saw the gigantic room with the fish, the turtles, the death on two legs with the screaming and the running and the throwing of the small children into the tank. It was super fun! That was my favorite exhibit!

My LEAST favorite exhibit was the horrible, horrible touch tanks. The little children crowding around like pigs to be slaughtered, sticking their FILTHY FILTH hands into the tank and killing off the little critters in the tank with their filthy mouths filled with....CORN! Plus it was really wet, so mold and other assorted fungi were growing on the little persons! Ooooh, kooky! So that's it, lalalalala fish are super special and I did NOT secretly snatch a star fish from the touch tank and take it home to dry out so it could join my ever growing collection of little dried out critters. Nope. Not at all......tee hee.