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Children of Earth
Cycle Four
-The Power of Memory-

Memory Data #4.01 - Sasha, Fragmented Memories

Now that I think back, to those months before coming to Relos, all I remember was Greg Braggett.

Greg Braggett II was a Belkan. Belkans, to the human eye, look like reptiles of a sort. They
stand taller than the average human, and have large reptilian eyes. They have three eyelids
that protect these intelligent eyes. Greg's eyes, as I recall were amber. His skin, though
covered in basic Science Officer uniform was scaly and red in color. Belkans have mouths much
like humans, but no lips. Their teeth are usually sharp and shaped to rip flesh, but Belkans
had evolved past that by the time I had encountered them. They spoke an eloquent language, and
though their appearance would frighten any child, the Belkans were peaceful creatures that
followed the teachings of Mahan Regon.

Mahan Regon was a Christ of sorts to the Belkans. Mahan Regon was the divine scientist whose
teachings had lasted for over two thousand years. Belkans believed that scientific study and
ordered thought originated with Mahan Regon whom oversaw all of his children.

But back to Greg. Greg was a father figure to Slake and I. Deep down inside, we noted his
kindness to us. Most of the other scientists were indifferent to us, and showed little kindness.
Although our programming did not allow us to show any emotion, we felt something deep inside.
We were prisoners of sorts to our lack of emotion. Greg knew this, and tried in vain to
stimulate those lost feelings. That was one reason for his ultimate trial and execution. Yes,
Gregory Braggett the Second was executed for the crime of treason. Little did the Galactic
Parliament know; Greg had been more than a traitor to the Science Counsel's purpose for us. He
was our savior.

Greg's death was troubling to me, as for Slake, I could not tell. He was our father, he was the
one that cared for us the most, and we remembered... But only a month after his death, at the end
of all our tests on Relos, his son appeared.

Slake and I had no knowledge that Greg had a son. Gregory Braggett the Third was no child, like
we first thought upon the knowledge of his existence. Gregory Braggett III was a mature Belkan,
and a doctor. He took his father's post with a type of urgency we did not understand at the

But by the end of our training, we were debriefed about the Kelian situation on Utopio. We were
to go to war.


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